quad twisting double layout

ChrisChang @chrischang0626 from China.

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huge FIG Level 2 Academy in Aussie

The Australian Gymnastics Federation hosted a “three-discipline” Level 2 Academy at the excellent facilities of the Australian Institute for Sport (AIS) in the capital city of Canberra on December 13-20, 2016. The disciplines of Aerobic-, Rhythmic-, and Trampoline Gymnastics were held simultaneously with the theory lectures being shared by all. This triple Academy followed a similar course exactly one year ago for Men’s-, Women’s, and Acrobatic Gymnastics.

Because Australia has had a good level of coach education and good international competition results it was eligible to apply for the license to teach the FIG Level 1 and Level 2 Academy content within its own country to its own coaches and with its own experts. …


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Power Tumbler Melissa Doucette

Sarah Chrane posted a terrific profile on an inspiring athlete.

Melissa Doucette, a former NCAA standout from the University of Bridgeport, who, at the age of 24, decided to continue to train and compete as a level 10 with the hope of qualifying as an elite.

Melissa is now almost 26 and finished her elite journey last year. But because this sport makes it impossible to leave it behind forever, she’s moving forward in other ways, and has decided on her next adventure: power tumbling.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Doucette Keeps the Dream Alive