Aleksandra Soldatova on eating disorders

Aleksandra Soldatova is the 2018 World All-around Rhythmic bronze medalist representing Russia.  She plans to try out for the Tokyo Olympics.

I’d once starved myself for several days before realizing I was on the brink… that I’d reached my limit. Then I found the courage to tell my coach about my problems,” Soldatova said.

The 22-year-old has currently put her sporting career on hold to allow her the space to deal with her health problems.

She said she has managed to stop her bulimic behaviors with the help of her coach, her friends, and a psychologist, but admitted she still has nightmares in which she gains weight, which remains a fear. …

‘I could have starved for days’: Russian gymnastics queen Alexandra Soldatova on battle with bulimia

recommendations after watching Athlete A

Enya Tierney reflects on Netflix’s Athlete A documentary.

Some recommendations for coaches:

  • Most coaches were once a gymnast, treat your athletes the way you would have liked to be treated when you were one of them.

  • Just because when you were a gymnast, your coaches were too strict or abusive towards you, it does not mean it’s the only way you can coach. Remember that you can break the chain!

  • Positive reinforcement is the most effective and civilised coaching method.

  • Listening to your gymnasts is part of your job, make them feel you are on their side!

  • If they complain about pains and physical restrictions don’t assume they are exaggerating. Listen to them, adapt your session plans to their needs, and be in touch with parents and doctors to find out what’s best for your athlete.

  • Make your feedback useful. We have advice on how to give good feedback on our Gym etiquette: three simple things to do at gymnastics training.

  • Your job is not only to make good athletes. It’s also about their personal and physical development, protecting their best interest, and giving them a safe and fear-free environment to practice. …


Hardy Fink’s last day at FIG

Hardy Fink was the Director of Education and Academy Programmes for FIG. He organized, amongst other things, FIG Academies, FIG Age Group Programme and Olympic Solidarity courses. All things education for 7 FIG competition disciplines – ACR, AER, MAG, PK, RG, TRA, WAG.

For some years Hardy had been asking for a transition plan to a successor. It’s a massive job and not many in the world have the experience, knowledge and contacts to make it work.

Hardy has attend more World Championships & Olympics than anyone, for example. Stuttgart was his 32nd Worlds in series.

Nobody has yet been named by FIG.

The only positive note is that Hardy has been asked to consult with his replacement over the next couple of years. In my opinion, that would be essential or FIG coach education opportunities will plummet.

related – Dvora Meyer’s recent interview with Hardy (for subscribers)

Gymnastics history made in 2019

1.The great Simone Biles

2.The first gymnast to qualify for eight Olympic Games

3.The first men’s World team title in Artistic Gymnastics for the Russian Federation

4.The first man to win four World Trampoline titles

5.The first World title for a Filipino gymnast

6.The first World medal for a Turkish gymnast

7.The first World title for a Japanese woman in Individual Trampoline

8.The first World gold for Japan in Rhythmic Group Gymnastics

9.The first British World champion on Parallel Bars

10.The first Brazilian World champion on Horizontal Bar

11.The first World All-Around medal by a Ukrainian man

12.The first World medal for Ireland

13.The first Italian World Team medal…since 1950

14.The first double World champion from Belgium

15. The first team from Chinese Taipei to qualify to the Olympics in Artistic Gymnastics

16. The first Italian to win the FIG World Challenge Cup series overall title in Rhythmic Gymnastics

17. The first Junior World Championships

18. First-timers at the World Gymnaestrada

19. A bevy of firsts for Parkour

Nineteen fabulous firsts from a thrilling year in Gymnastics

2020 PanAm Championships to Utah

The United States is playing host to the Senior Pan American Championships for men’s and women’s gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline that serves as the final qualifying event for the 2020 Olympic Games for North, Central and South America, which is a first both as a combined event staged in the USA and as an Olympic qualifier.

Utah Valley has been chosen as the site for Senior Pan Am Championships, May 7-10.

This is the first time the Senior Pan American Championships is part of the Olympic qualification process.

Across all four disciplines, more than 300 gymnasts from an estimated 25 countries are expected to participate and to seek Olympic berths in men’s and women’s gymnastics, two each; rhythmic gymnastics, one individual and one group; and men’s and women’s trampoline, one each if the Americas have not already qualified a country.

The USA will know which disciplines it has the opportunity to try for another Olympic spot by mid-April. …

Continental qualifier for gymnastics to 2020 Olympic Games heads to Utah Valley