Down Syndrome Gymnastics World Championships

MAG (Men’s Artistic), WAG (Women’s Artistic) and RG (Rhythmic Gymnastics).

5-9 July 2018, Bochum, Germany

There weren’t many competitors, but you can see the results of the 3rd World Championships here.

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Alberta trampoline park insurance increases

News from Alberta, Canada.

Insurance costs may drive the pay for play warehouses out of business.

Red Deer’s indoor trampoline park has closed its doors.

… owners of Jump 360 say insurance rates “quadruple what we were paying” and higher employee wages have made it too costly for them to continue operating. …

Jump 360 had been open since May 2016 …

Indoor trampoline park closes citing higher insurance costs, wages

related – Insurers jumping out of the trampoline business

I’d love to see those dangerous parks close.

The downside for Alberta clubs with qualified, certified Trampoline coaches is a new limitation which states that only competitive gymnasts and trampolinists are insured to use tramps, tumbling trampolines, mini-trampolines, etc.

Recreational kids, birthday party kids, Parkour and drop-in participants are not covered for negligence. … I feel this goes too far. Alberta clubs should look for a new insurance agency.

Father of three dies at Richmond’s Extreme Air Park trampoline facility

Jay Greenwood


Monika Míčková on eating disorders in Rhythmic

Monika Míčková is a retired Czech rhythmic gymnast. She competed Worlds 6 times.

She posted an awful retrospective of her long career. It begins with …

You’re fat.

You are lazy.

You are incompetent.

You are stupid.

From the mouth of the coaches I heard these words almost every day and took them as a normal part of the drill. They also behaved equally to other girls, regardless of age and performance. No one imagined something strange going on, everyone accepted that it was supposed to be. …

You can read it here. (Czech)

I used Google Translate.


a future USA Training Center

I’m one of those who doesn’t see any way around USAG going bankrupt.

If even one court starts awarding money to athletes abused by the National Team Doctor / criminal, they’ll have to pay out to victims as much as possible. And shut down.

If they survive, I like this goal.

Rhonda Faehn:

… USA Gymnastics hopes within a month to have a temporary home for four training camps this year and six to eight annually in 2019 and 2020 while it looks for a permanent location that can service all of USA Gymnastics, including the men’s team and the rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling programs as well. …

… “The goal is to find the best fit and the best opportunity for all the disciplines, and that is going to be the top priority – what is the best setup, an airport with a lot of direct flights …

Houston selection camp a breath of fresh air for U.S. women’s gymnasts

Ideally they’ll find a title sponsor to build that facility. Or some billionaire.

Colorado Springs works well for the Men. Any alternative would have to be as good. Something like the AIS.

Gymnastics was one of the 8 founding sports of the Australian Institute of Sport 1981.

Click PLAY or watch some training footage on YouTube.

FIG World Championships Ambassadors

The International Gymnastics Federation is pleased to announce the nine champions who will be the Gymnastics Ambassadors at its 2018 World Championships.

400th FIG Age Group course

As of now, 6900 different coaches from 137 countries have attended these courses. …

The courses were organized in 83 countries over the past 15 years. Over that time, the various parts of the curriculum were presented by 248 different experts from 44 countries. …

Hardy Fink