looming IOC PR disaster Paris

The International Olympic Committee floated the worst possible solution to a real dilemma. Allowing some RUS athletes to compete in the Paris Olympics — but not those who support Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

Allow them all. Or ban them all. Simple.

… the IOC knows it will have a PR disaster on its hands if it allows Russians en masse into the Games. …

Insiders suggest that the IOC will instead place multiple conditions on entry, including banning the Russian flag and anthem and requiring its athletes to wear all-white uniforms.

More significantly, anyone with links to the Russian military is also likely to be barred – which could result in 75% of their team and officials being declared ineligible. …

Guardian – So Mr Bach, will nothing ever be enough to ban Russia from the Olympics?

Putin has been bombing civilian targets including Bakhmut’s stadium which is used as a training facility for Ukraine’s Olympic athletes.

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