free CHICKEN at the Arkansas meet

The first 1,500 fans through the doors on Friday evening will receive an Arkansas Gymnastics car decal, the first 300 students will receive free Slims Chicken plus an Arkansas Gymnastics car decal. …

Razorbacks Ready To “Pack The Barn” For 2020 Home Opener

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Iran’s female gymnast at the 1964 Olympics

You might have seen this headline – Kimia Alizadeh won a bronze medal for taekwondo at the 2016 summer Olympics:

Iran’s Only Female Olympic Medalist Says She Has Defected

I support Kimia’s desire to train in an environment that better supports women in sport.

The Medal Count posted a history of Women’s Gymnastics in Iran:

The Middle East has some of the worst participation rates for women in sports. …

For a sport where its athletes wear leotards, women’s artistic gymnastics (WAG) is one of the last sports these nations would ever consider due to modesty standards …

At the 1964 Olympics Iran sent women to the Olympics for the first time in its history. …

Djamileh Sorouri was only 14 years old …

She had even been sent to the Olympics without her coach. …

In response Vera Caslavska and the Czechoslovakian team stepped in. They took Djamileh Sorouri under their wing and had the young Iranian train alongside them in the buildup to the Olympics. …

The 1964 Olympics would be both the beginning and the end of Iranian Olympic gymnastics. The country hasn’t sent a gymnast from either genders to the Olympics since. …

When Iran had Women’s Gymnastics

Achilles tendon tears in College Gymnastics

The list is long already.

McGregor, Boise
Dickson, UGA
T Brovedani, UW
J Henderson, Iowa
A Zhong, BYU
Eleanor LaFountain, Ursinus
Lena Greene, OSU
K Coca, Pitt

College Gym News updates a major injuries list throughout the season.

related – Bill Sands – why so many NCAA Achilles tears? 


Ulla Koch – IOC Coaches Lifetime Achievement

The 2019 winners are athletics coach Malcolm Arnold from Great Britain and artistic gymnastic coach Ulla Koch from Germany.

They will receive the award this Friday, 17 January 2020, during a ceremony to be held at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, in the presence of IOC President Thomas Bach and members of the IOC Athletes’ and Athletes’ Entourage Commissions. …

Ulla has coached athletes at two Youth Olympic Games, 10 World Championships, 14 European Championships and 3 Olympic Games, and she is currently preparing for Tokyo 2020. …