Fabian’s H Bar

Though officially retired, Hambuechen is still one of the best in the world on Pipe.

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Trampoline World Age Groups a success

After four days of competition, the 25th World Age Group Competitions (WAGC) in Trampoline Gymnastics came to a close … with junior gymnasts from 17 countries returning from Sofia (BUL) with medals around their necks. The 32 titles up for grabs were shared between 14 countries.

More than 900 junior gymnasts performed in Individual, Synchronised and Double Mini-trampoline as well as in Tumbling in the age categories 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17-21 years.

Russia, which came second to China in the medal standings at the senior World Championships the week before, topped the overall WAGC rankings …

It was Belarus, however, which won the most titles (4) in the Individual and Synchronised Trampoline events. After winning gold and silver with the teams and two bronzes in the individual competitions at Worlds, Great Britain’s tumblers continued their success in the age group categories, where they garnered a total of 10 medals, including two golds. Matching Great Britain’s number of titles in Tumbling, Russia and the USA came second and third in the discipline’s ranking. …


Full results can be found on the FIG website.

Elite Gym Massilia Results

Lauren updated her results page.

Masters All-Around
1 Angelina Simakova Russia 55.500
2 Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos France 54.150
3 Ana Padurariu Canada Open 1 53.900

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Masters Team
1 France 161.700
2 Russia 159.000
3 Canada Open 1 154.750

Senior Vault
1 Laurie Dénommée Canada 13.417
2 Sophie Marois Canada 13.333
3 Amy Bladon Canada Open 2 12.933

Senior Bars
1 Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos France 13.500
2 Lorette Charpy France 13.400
3 Giada Grisetti Italy 13.367

Senior Beam
1 Rose-Kaying Woo Canada 12.800
2 Juliette Bossu France 12.633
3 Sophie Marois Canada 11.967

Senior Floor
1 Juliette Bossu France 12.967
2 Elisa Meneghini Italy 12.633
3 Emma Höfele Germany 12.600

Junior Vault
1 Aleksandra Shchekoldina Russia 13.867
2 Carolann Heduit France 13.733
3 Zoé Allaire-Bourgie Canada Open 1 13.333

Junior Bars
1 Ksenia Klimenko Russia 14.400
2 Angelina Simakova Russia 13.933
3 Ana Padurariu Canada Open 1 13.733

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Junior Beam
1 Angelina Simakova Russia 13.000
2 Sheyen Petit Pole Marseille (France) 12.000
3 Ana Padurariu Canada Open 1 11.133

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Ring? Sheep?

Junior Floor
1 Angelina Simakova Russia 13.200
2 Ana Padurariu Canada Open 1 13.100
3 Margaux Daveloose Belgium 12.533

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Chellsie Memmel’s a Mom again


Welcome to the world and our family 💗 Audrielle Ruth Maier 11/19/17 6lb 12oz 19-1/4” long

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Leonardo came to the gym today! 💙🤣 #playwithsound #ninjaturtles #ifelloveragain #lovestojump

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