U.S. Men’s Sr National Team

There was much confusion and delay.

It is the list through only until U.S. Championships 2021.

A. 6 funded spots Sr Team based on AA day 1 of Winter Cup 2021:

Cameron Bock
Riley Loos
Yul Moldauer
Shane Wiskus
Allan Bower
Paul Juda

B. 4 funded spots based on 20 point ranking from day 1 & 2 combined:

Adrian De Los Angeles
Vitaliy Guimaraes
lsaiah Drake
Genki Suzuki

C. 2 funded spots from petitions:

Akash Modi
Sam Makulak

D. Unfunded based on AA potential:

Brody Malone
Grant Breckenridge
Colin Van Wicklen
Donnell Whittenburg

E. Unfunded:

Stephen Nedoroscik
Trevor Howard


I am. The process seems too complicated. Too lengthy.

Read the minutes of that meeting.

Personally, I’m happy they asked the guys to mask up for this photo. As influencers in the MAG community, it encourages masking up to help reopen the sport worldwide.

wrapping up WAG Winter Cup

Full results with athlete profile links.

Chiles Explosive as First-Ever Womenโ€™s Winter Cup Champion

Lauren Hopkins made the trip despite having to quarantine on her return home.

What we learnt from USA Gymnastics’ Winter Cup competition

That’s Scott Bregman’s takeaways from the first elite gymnastics competition in the United States in nearly a year.

Brie Clark – Biles

How HUGE would this be in the NCAA?

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NCAA Rankings wk 8

  1. Florida 197.944
  2. Oklahoma 197.738
  3. LSU 197.550
  4. Utah 197.300
  5. Minnesota 197.250
  6. Alabama 197.244
  7. Arizona State University 197.075
  8. Arkansas 197.038
  9. Cal 196.931
  10. UCLA 196.869

Arizona State is good now, you guys, and used a two-meet week to zoom up the rankings and establish a competitive NQS that even has a drop-able road score still hanging around.

ASU will still need to be wary of Cal and UCLA moving up, so a spot in the all-important top 8 is not a given, but itโ€™s suddenly looking possible. …

Balance Beam Situation

Iowa Hawkeyes defeat Minnesota

An upset.

Happily, they were filming the social justice campaign documentary at the time.

I like the session in a room rehearsing competition QUES as a team.

Clair Kaji is one of their leaders.


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