Japanese Olympians chosen this weekend

For the host men, a hugely deep and competitive competition.

NHK Trophy is on 16th May, and the top 2 gymnasts after scores from NHK are combined with Nationals scores earn automatic selection to the Tokyo Olympic team.

The final two spots on the Olympic team are determined following the All Japan Event Championships in June. …

Nationals was won by Hashimoto Daiki who … scored a huge 88.532 in the final, scoring 15+ on four events (including a new and impressive Yonekura (kas 2.5) on vault) to win with a combined score of 173.365.

Within a point of him are Tanigawa Wataru (172.728) and Kaya Kazuma ( 172.696) seperated by only 0.032. …

The Japan Situation 2021: What’s at Stake for NHK Trophy?

Click PLAY or watch that Vault on YouTube.

Lexy Ramler wins 2021 AAI

Lucky US. Lexy is coming back in 2022 for an extra year at Minnesota.

Minnesota senior Lexy Ramler is the winner of the 2021 AAI Award, American Athletic, Inc. (AAI) announced Wednesday.

… competed all four events for Minnesota at every meet this season, went 52-of-52 on hits, and earned two perfect 10s on vault and beam. …

The six finalists for the 2021 award were Alyssa Baumann (Florida), Lynnzee Brown (Denver), Nia Dennis (UCLA), Kyana George (Cal), Lexy Ramler (Minnesota), and Anastasia Webb (Oklahoma).

Gymnastics Now

Minnesota & Iowa to gymACT

Kensley Behel:

In 2020, the University of Minnesota and University of Iowa announced that they would be cutting men’s gymnastics …

Three gymnasts will transfer to the remaining NCAA teams. Crew Bold (MN) will head to the University of Michigan, Donte McKinney (MN) will head to the University of Nebraska, and Michael Kogan (IA) will transfer to the University of Illinois. …

With the addition of Minnesota and Iowa to its community, gymACT would have more competitive programs than the NCAA Division I. …

Athletes who came in as NCAA gymnasts will be able to retain their scholarships while finishing their academic pursuits.


GBR trial Cardiff videos

British Gymnastics posted some videos from the recent test meet in Wales.

Click PLAY or watch Ondine Achampong’s Vault on YouTube. She’s going to be amazing in the NCAA competing for Cal.

As with the GBR MAG team, selectors have some tough choices to make.

Becky & Ellie – Olympic trial

Becky (29) and Ellie (21) were in Cardiff preparing for Olympic trials when they learned brother Josh (24) had collapsed with a heart attack while training cricket.

Though having had no known heart condition, Josh died in hospital.

The sisters withdrew from competition, of course.

An awful and unexpected family tragedy.

British Gymnastics delayed team selection to provide an opportunity for Becky & Ellie to still qualify.