Alex McMurtry – Bars

So. Much. Amplitude.

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Shockingly, Alex fell on Beam during Super 6.

Still, she’s one of the greatest College gymnast all-time. One of my favourites. What a career!

… one of 10 gymnasts in the 37-year history of NCAA Gymnastics to complete a career “gym slam,” a perfect 10 on each of the four events. …

McMurtry’s nine perfect scores eclipsed the school record of eight held by former UF All-American Bridget Sloan …

Florida Gators

Russian Men’s Apparatus Champions

1 Kirill Prokopyev 15.033
2 Artur Dalaloyan 14.566
3 Dmitry Lankin 14.533

1 David Belyavskiy 14.766
2 Nikolai Kuksenkov 14.533
3 Nikita Nagornyy 14.366

1 Denis Ablyazin 14.733
2 Ilya Kirbatas 14.366
3 Artur Dalaloyan 14.333

1 Denis Ablyazin 14.966
2 Dmitry Lankin 14.433
3 Victor Britan 13.700

P Bars
1 Nikita Nagornyy 15.300
2 David Belyavskiy 15.233
3 Dmitry Lankin 14.900

H Bar
1 Nikita Nagornyy 14.266
2 David Belyavskiy 13.933
3 Nikolai Kuksenkov 13.600

full results

AA Champ Artur Dalaloyan

MAGnastics muses on team selection for Europeans.

That’s Katharine from the U.K., by the way. Doing a great job on this new site started Feb 2018.


Time to bake some cookies💍

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congratulation Kentucky coaches

Kentucky gymnastics head coach Tim Garrison and assistant coaches Chuck Dickerson and Rachel Garrison were named the 2018 National Association of College Gymnastics Coaches/Women (NACGC/W) National Coach and Assistant Coaches of the Year…

Both awards are the program’s first. …

Kentucky Gymnastics Coaches Take Home Nation’s Top Honors

This was their first NCAA Nationals.

Honda Sport Award nominees

Sarah Finnegan from Louisiana State University, Christine Peng-Peng Lee of UCLA, Oklahoma University’s Maggie Nichols and Elizabeth Price of Stanford University are the four nominees for the Class of 2018 Honda Sport Award for Gymnastics …

Collegiate Women’s Sports 

Not many of the administrators from over 1,000 NCAA member schools voting will know that much about Gymnastics.

Past winners include Courtney Kupets, Susan Jackson, Bridget Sloan and Kytra Hunter.

Thanks Cordelia.

Russian Apparatus Championships

1 Viktoria Trykina Moscow 14.300 14.100 14.200
2 Angelina Melnikova Central 14.466 13.633 14.049
3 Tatiana Nabieva St. Petersburg 14.366 13.633 13.999

1 Angelina Melnikova Central 14.266
2 Irina Alexeeva Guest 14.066
3 Viktoria Komova Central/Moscow 13.633

1 Angelina Melnikova Central 13.466
2 Ksenia Kamkova Ural 13.233
3 Polina Fedorova Volga 12.866

1 Angelina Melnikova Central 14.500
2 Angelina Simakova Moscow 13.466
3 Irina Alexeeva Guest 13.333

full results


“It was a fabulous meet,” LSU gymnastics head coach D-D Breaux said.

“The lead changed and momentum changed. We fought no matter what. I can’t ask for much more than that. We had some great performances across the board from different people.

There was just so much competition out there. It was so exciting.”

LSU Sports

This program does everything well.

For example, their Nationals video is the best I’ve seen this season.

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