new Gymnastics film – Olga

… The film by Swiss director Elie Grappe is about a Ukrainian gymnast training in Switzerland while her mother is working as a journalist in Ukraine during the Euromaidan (2013 protests). …

Olga is played by Anastasia Budiashkina, a former Ukrainian national team member (she represented Ukraine at the 2016 junior European Championships). Other gymnasts in the movie are also portrayed by real-life gymnasts – former Swiss national team members Caterina Barloggio and Thea Brogli and another Ukrainian gymnast Sabrina Rubtsova. …


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Kerri Strug biopic ‘Perfect’

… The film is an intimate and unflinching portrait of grit and determination, Perfect charts the story behind Kerri Strug’s historic Olympic vault to secure America’s first ever gymnastics team gold. …


Let’s hope they tell the TRUE story.

This will put Bela Karolyi back under the media spotlight.

Animated Simone – May 1

Music by John Legend.

She’s one of 6 Olympic athletes talking about overcoming social pressures to achieve success.

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Defying Gravity – part 1

Defying Gravity is a 6-part docuseries that explores … Women’s Gymnastics through its greatest champions.

It’s playing on the Glamour magazine YouTube channel. The first 2 episodes are free without YouTube Premium.

I actually signed up for a free month of YouTube Premium so I could watch the rest.  Could be that getting rid of ads MIGHT make it worth the subscription.  🙂

Bart, Nadia, Daniella, Svetlana, Laurie, Blythe, and more.

Lots of Aly and Katelyn.

This feel good introduction part 1 highlights Floor more than the other apparatus.

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I thought it was weird to include Shushanova doing a dangerous skill.

new film – Perfect 10

Blythe linked to a new movie that opened August 7th featuring a teenager who’s a gymnast.

Adult themes and language.

By the looks of the trailer it won’t be of any particular interest to coaches.