It’s International Cat Day


GymCastic 316: CATS – European Championship Edition has the best commentary on Celine van Gerner’s historic routine in the Floor final at Europeans.

It includes a phone interview with Celine’s choreographer Daymon Jones. He’s an American dancer turned coach who worked on the CATS show for years.

I agree with their conclusions. It worked for this gymnast at this meet.

Still, FIG WTC should define what is allowed in terms of theatrics. (FIG Acro has already done so.)

What Celine did should be allowed, IMHO. But I’d disallow leotards with lights, for example. No props. Any kind of make-up or hair should be OK.

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Patrick Kiens clinic in the U.K.

Choreography Masterclass, November 25th, 2018 in the Midlands. £79 / person.

Dutch National Team Coach and Choreographer

Personal Coach to Eythora Thorsdottir, 9th All Around at the 2016 Olympic Games, past Floor & Beam European Medallist.


related – Eythora had hand surgery. It’s unknown as yet whether or not she’ll recover in time for Worlds.

Céline’s choreographer Daymon Jones


MOST talked about routine in Glasgow – Celine!

We’ll be discussing the CAT WOMAN routine for many years to come!

Celine VAN GERNER (NED) first teased on social media.


She then astonished the audience during the Floor final march-in.

Click PLAY or watch her routine on YouTube.

Celine finished 4th 4.600 + 8.700 = 13.300. Only two tumbling lines. The medalists had D-scores of 5.5, 5.5 and 5.3.

Has anyone else had an 8.700 E-score on Floor this quad? Judges loved it!

I loved it too. It worked for this meet. … But FIG WTC should define clearly just how much theatrics is allowed / encouraged.