Mahleea Werline – Floor


Mahleea‘s choreography makes most of the Elites of the world look like cartoons.

She trains at Salcianu Academy.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter. I believe this was in Level 10.

Chae Campbell & back-up dancers

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

choreographer BJ Das interview

Dvora posted a terrific interview following Bruin senior Nia Dennis going viral. Again.

This routine blew up on social media and was touted for highlighting Black culture, both in musical choices—Kendrick Lamar, Missy Elliot, Tupac, to name a few of the artists included—and the choreographic choices from stepping to c walking to kneeling and the Black power salute.

Though the performance is all Dennis, the creation of the routine was the result of a collaboration between the gymnast and UCLA’s volunteer assistant coach/choreographer, Bijoya “BJ” Das. …

Dance, Dance: An Interview With UCLA Gymnastics Choreographer BJ Das