why we love Katelyn Ohashi

Gutsy move for the gymnast ranked #1 on Floor. A new routine.

She’s dropped Michael Jackson music and choreography.

espnW: Did the outcry towards Michael Jackson after the release of “Leaving Neverland” factor into your decision?

Ohashi: Honestly, in the back of my mind it did, because of the platform that I have. The goal of my routine is pure joy, and after the documentary, not everyone was feeling that way, and you can never discredit someone’s feelings. So yes, it was in the back of my mind because my main goal is to find as much joy as possible in this routine. …

espnW: I know you added Beyonce in here as well — was it intentional to feature all female artists?

Ohashi: It was indeed deliberate. …

espnW: What do you hope fans take away, or remember, from this routine? And from your amazing collegiate career?

Ohashi: I hope they can remember how I speak openly about a lot of the issues that are close to my heart. I think I have a passionate heart about women’s empowerment, and I am very compassionate towards people who have spoken out. And I hope that by changing my routine, I can be remembered for being more than a gymnast. It’s about understanding issues and having a bigger platform than just the sport.

espnW.com – How UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi’s spectacular routine came to be

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dancing for Miss Val

How do you honour everything Valorie Kondos Field has done for UCLA?

Dance flash mob on Senior night!

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To remember her into the future, the FLOOR in Pauley will have her name on it. … I like it.

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Breakdance to the Olympics?


Should Breakdance be introduced at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

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Dvora Meyers – Can Breaking Become An Olympic Sport And Still Keep Its Soul? (2018)

Of course the Olympics have bigger problems. For one, they have to find a way to cut hosting costs.

Brisbane’s 2032 Olympic Games bid will require billions of dollars, feasibility study reveals