14-yr-old Kelly Sildaru wins 2nd X Games Gold

… she claimed victory in the women’s ski slopestyle competition on the final day of the event in Aspen in Colorado.

The 14-year-old, who claimed slopestyle gold last year, topped the podium with a formidable score of 92.33 points …

Inside the Games

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on Barani confusion

An experienced coach must first FIRST decide whether a young gymnast should do aerial twists to the right or to the left.

A large number of tests will eventually reveal a preference.

Young gymnasts are rarely confused on backward salto twisting. But many suffer Barani confusion when learning forward salto twists. Especially those who related the Barani to a roundoff in the air.

David Morris explains why at the beginning of this tutorial.

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Thanks Andrew.

new film – The Will to Fly

This looks awesome. 🙂

From a sunburnt country of desert and beaches, known for its swimmers, surfers and cricketers, comes the most unlikely sporting luminary; The Will To Fly is a feature documentary film about the inspirational story of Olympic champion Lydia Lassila, pursuing the ambitions of her tumultuous freestyle aerial skiing career.

Lydia ventures to uphold her Olympic crown as a mother, but more specifically, she seeks to write history by being the first woman to perform the most complex and dangerous manoeuvre of any acrobatic sport; a quadruple twisting, triple somersault on skis. Since missing her opportunity with gymnastics as a young girl, The Will To Fly showcases Lydia’s lifelong quest to fulfil her sporting aspirations.

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The 95 minute feature film will be screened in cinemas across Australia early 2016 before heading to the US & Europe.