Kamila Valieva – Olympic quads

Amazing. She twists so quickly.

I’m so sorry this historic accomplishment is being overshadowed by why her coach, Eteri Tutberidze, couldn’t prevent Kamila from taking a prohibited substance.

My second question is WHY the IOC doesn’t have a minimum age for all Olympic sports.

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Eileen Gu – living her best life

I’d say Eileen can do ANYTHING she wants.

Gu, 18, was born in San Francisco to an American father and Chinese mother, who raised her as a single mom and taught her to ski at nearby Lake Tahoe. …

… will attend Stanford this fall. She’s also a model with nearly a million Instagram followers and countless endorsement deals.

In 2019, she announced she’d be competing for China. Now, she’s so popular in her mother’s native country that her gold medal win caused Chinese social media platform Weibo to crash. …

Axios – Eileen Gu: A tale of two nations

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Freestyle Skiing – Men’s Moguls

In Moguls, competitors have two chances to flip and/or twist.

One of the bigger upsets in Beijing was 21-year-old Walter Wallberg coming out on top over legend Mikaël KINGsbury.

“I’m very proud,” Kingsbury told CBC Sports. “This is my third Olympic medal in three Olympic Games. …

“I was able to put down my best run in super final and tried to put the pressure on Walter, but he answered very well. [I’m] proud of him.” …


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You can watch previous Olympic champions including Mikaël Kingsbury on YouTube.

Kamila Valieva lands 2 quads

No woman had ever landed a quad twist in Olympic competition. 15-year-old Kamila Valieva attempted 3 in her free skate.

Landed two.


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IOC defends China

Personally, I criticize the IOC for being gutless — taking no stance on the lack of human rights in totalitarian dictatorship China.

At the same time, I praise the athletes and coaches — including those from China and ROC.

It’s the same situation where we support troops while criticizing the politicians who put them in danger.

Bach’s weak argument:

The Olympic mission is clear, he said: “Always building bridges, never erecting walls.” …

Canadian Press – In Beijing, Olympic ideals coexist with authoritarian rule

Winter Olympic sports are COOL 🏂

Yes the IOC is gutless.

Yes the IOC is happy to stay silent while taking Chinese money.

BUT the athletes are truly inspiring. And many of those little seen sports are cool.

I’m really happy there was no boycott of athletes.

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Apolo Ohno on mental training

Apolo Ohno is an American retired short track speed skating competitor and an eight-time medalist (two gold, two silver, four bronze) in the Winter Olympics.

He notes that he was never one of the most physically, genetically gifted for the craziest of winter sports. Mental training was his edge.

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