DON’T try this … on the dock

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Gymnastics history made in 2019

1.The great Simone Biles

2.The first gymnast to qualify for eight Olympic Games

3.The first men’s World team title in Artistic Gymnastics for the Russian Federation

4.The first man to win four World Trampoline titles

5.The first World title for a Filipino gymnast

6.The first World medal for a Turkish gymnast

7.The first World title for a Japanese woman in Individual Trampoline

8.The first World gold for Japan in Rhythmic Group Gymnastics

9.The first British World champion on Parallel Bars

10.The first Brazilian World champion on Horizontal Bar

11.The first World All-Around medal by a Ukrainian man

12.The first World medal for Ireland

13.The first Italian World Team medal…since 1950

14.The first double World champion from Belgium

15. The first team from Chinese Taipei to qualify to the Olympics in Artistic Gymnastics

16. The first Italian to win the FIG World Challenge Cup series overall title in Rhythmic Gymnastics

17. The first Junior World Championships

18. First-timers at the World Gymnaestrada

19. A bevy of firsts for Parkour

Nineteen fabulous firsts from a thrilling year in Gymnastics

335 NinjaZone locations around the world

Casey Wright wanted to boost the number of boys in her gymnastics program.

“We then had three gyms with three classes (total) with only 10 boys,” she said. … Originally, it was a way to re-brand and re-market a gymnastics-like program for boys.

So she developed NinjaZone.

“It took off with the popularity of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and emergence of parkour … Ten boys (in the program) went to 365 kids in six months

NinjaZone helps spur growth of gymnastics among boys


Air Floors for obstacle courses

I was recently using an Air Floor Pro in Bermuda for Parkour.

Then Tumbl Trak posted this training tip. 😊

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Hallie Mossett’s 1st TV commercial

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1st FIG Parkour Worlds in Japan

Hiroshima, Japan, 3-5 April 2020

“It’s a great honour for us to be able to welcome the first Parkour World Championships to Hiroshima,” said Norifumi Yamamoto, general secretary of the Japan Gymnastics Association.

“Around 100 days before the Olympic Games in Tokyo, this will be an additional opportunity for the promotion of peace through sport – and in a city which is the symbol of it. …”