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Zavell Perry

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FIG Parkour / Obstacle Course update

A first FIG Parkour World Cup was held over the weekend at the International Festival of Extreme Sports World Series event in Chengdu in China. …

Personally I’ve got no problem with FIG adding Parkour as a discipline. Hopeful it will help bring more boys into the other FIG disciplines.

But I wished they’d called their new discipline “Obstacle Course“, not Parkour.

The FIG is so far dealing with only 6 national bodies:

These are Australian Parkour Association, France’s Fédération de Parkour, New Zealand Parkour, the Polish Parkour And Freerunning Federation, Parkour South Africa and Parkour UK.

The body has also been challenged by the International Parkour Federation, who claim they are the only body to currently have an application with the Global Association of International Sports Federations for official recognition pending. …

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Gymnastics BC Recreational Parkour

Now that FIG has adopted a form of Parkour / Free Running, some nations will start to formalize the activity. That’s a good thing. Many kids doing Parkour training at Gymnastics clubs are not as safe as they should be.

Gymnastics British Columbia wants to begin training instructors.

FIG pushing forward with Parkour

Next on the roadmap is the appointment of a FIG Parkour Committee which shall work in three areas, education, development and competitions.

This Committee shall be chaired by David Belle and composed of Charles Perrière and other Parkour experts as well as two athletes’ representatives (one male and one female). …

The roadmap also seeks to provide the staging of a series of Parkour World Cups in 2018 and 2019 together with a first FIG World Championships planned in 2020. …

As for education and development, the Parkour Committee shall be in charge of preparing educational tools for youngsters and coaches’ education programs with a view to put in place a framework in which the amateurs will be able to evolve progressively and in a safe environment. …


I’m confident that FIG Obstacle Course events will be safer than the other alternatives. One upside.