FIG Parkour Age Group Programme under development


With the adoption of the new discipline of Parkour by the FIG Congress in December 2018, it became necessary to develop coach education programmes also for this discipline. …

The Parkour specialists that were invited to be members of the working group were Charles Perrière of France, the President of the FIG Parkour Commission, FIG Athletes’ Representative Micaela Buono Pugh of Argentina and Francisco de la Riva Vasquez of Belgium. …

It was an extraordinarily interesting meeting about a sport, many of whose participants believe in the values that Parkour should be discovered and cannot be taught and that the activity should not be competition oriented. But with the expectation that this will be an Olympic sport in 2024, things will change dramatically as athletes will most certainly be specifically trained from a young age.

The challenge was to find a solution that provides structure yet has ample room for freedom, innovation, discovery and creativity. The structure is necessary to assure the safe, healthy, gradual and systematic development of athletes towards future high-performance excellence. …

Firsts for FIG coach education activities in February 2019

If FIG is going to run obstacle course competitions, obviously they need offer coach education.

NEW Inside Action Sports magazine

Chris Korotky of Inside Gymnastics magazine was missing at Worlds Qatar.

Turns out he’s been hard at work on a NEW print and digital magazine launching March 2019.

This profile-oriented, lifestyle magazine features skateboarding, BMX, moto X, ninja sports, martial arts, surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking & more!

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FIG under Watanabe

Inside the Games has an overview article posted in conjunction with the FIG Congress Baku.

Parkour, Athletes’ Commission, Fujitsu judging support system, Gymnastics Ethics Foundation, and more.

Most member nations are in Baku as FIG is funding most of the travel costs.

Buckeye Gymnastics update

Founder and Owner David Holcomb:

… it was encouraging when team auditions and registrations reached an all-time high last spring …

While our recreation enrollment has been soft our competition team hours have grown significantly. Preschool enrollment, particularly day-time preschool enrollment, is down. School-age recreational programs are flat.

The bright spot for us has been our competition programs. We have always fielded a large team with competitors at levels 2 through elite. We have also fielded Xcel teams at the recreation level for over a decade in a league involving other gyms in Central Ohio. This year we started offering Xcel as part of our competition program and the huge response has been something of a surprise. Those gymnasts are excited and ready to begin competition within the USA Gymnastics Xcel program.

Our new and still growing Xcel team will encourage us to expand the Buckeye Classic to include additional sessions at all Xcel levels. …

We have expanded Buckeye Warriors with more space and exciting new equipment with an emphasis on obstacle courses that is attracting a lot of boys new to the gym. …

Buckeye Gymnastics has gone green. We have generated over 75,000 kWt hours since we added solar and replaced our fluorescent lights with LED lights saving significantly on the electric bills. We should break even on this investment within five years …

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Buckeye coach Kittia Carpenter is on the USAG CEO core search committee along with Justin Spring and others.