One thought on “Women’s Speed & Men’s Freestyle”

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this as a sport. It sorta reminds me of that ninja game show where they race through a course. The non-racing event looked like bad gymnastics with no mats and an odd-looking skating park course with just bars added in and steeper walls. Isn’t parkour supposed to be more free-style in nature? I don’t think it is replicated well here. They do a little wall work then move to the bar for a kip to a bad-form double salto (the full-in was certainly impressive) but to concrete … then move on to something else? I don’t like these risky elements without safety mats. Someone is going to knock their feet on that bar … it’s super dangerous with even a spotter and a mat. Gymnastics is already dangerous enough! May take some warming up to.


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