Jordyn Wieber to U.S. Olympic Reform Panel

The 16-member Commission will be responsible for conducting a study on matters related to the state of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement in the United States. …

There is a deadline of the end of July for it to deliver its recommendations and detailed report, but it seems certain that deadline will be extended.

human rights in Qatar

Some boycotted World Championships hosted in Doha.

I did go. Hopeful that Qatar will be a leader of Muslim nations in improving human rights. Soon.

The 2022 World Cup is a MUCH BIGGER deal.

I expect changes to be made. Quickly.

German national team during World Cup qualifying.

Congratulations University of Iowa

The team just missed qualifying to the final 16 — but I’d call Iowa 2021 one of the success stories of the season.

Leaders in social justice, too.

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Auburn withdraws from Regionals

The Auburn gymnastics team will not compete at the 2021 NCAA Tuscaloosa Regional Championship this weekend due to positive COVID-19 tests and contact tracing within the program.

The action is consistent with COVID-19 management requirements put forth by the NCAA and the Southeastern Conference.

Auburn Tigers

Spencer weighs in on how that affects everyone else:

The NCAA won’t redo brackets if the withdrawal happens more than 24 hours after they are made …

British Gymnastics delays

A group of 17 former elite gymnasts, including three Olympians, who are pursuing legal action said they were “disappointed but not surprised” that the governing body had failed to reply to a “Letter of Claim” sent on 25 February and said that every day of further delay risks “serious harms” to those still in the sport. …

racial bias in sport

With Simone and Gabby as black Olympic Champions, it’s easy to ASSuME that racial bias in sport is being reduced, at least in Gymnastics.

Not so.

At each step along the athlete’s journey — from youth sports to college to the professional world — there are glaring inequities, often along racial lines. …

Throughout history, white American athletes have been afforded the opportunity to improve unimpeded while minorities have been left to scratch and claw for every inch. …

Simone Biles, right, hugs Gabby Douglas after the Secret U.S. Classic

Bungled Regionals draw

Spencer is even less impressed with NCAA incompetence than usual:

… #1, they screwed up the play-ins.

Last time we did this in 2019, they sensibly distributed the bottom-8-ranked qualifying teams into the play-in meets. …

This year, however, they did…a bad. They put #26 NC State in a play-in meet, whereas #29 Kent State does not have to participate in a play-in. …

Balance Beam Situation

Click through for the full rant and draw including individuals.

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Thursday play-in
NC State v Western Michigan

Semifinal #1
[1] Florida
[4] Illinois
Central Michigan
Play-in Winner

Semifinal #2
[2] Minnesota
[3] Denver
Oregon State


Thursday play-in
Eastern Michigan v. Maryland

Semifinal #1
[1] Oklahoma
[4] Auburn
Play-in Winner

Semifinal #2
[2] Alabama
[3] Arkansas
Iowa State


Thursday play-in
Temple v. Arizona

Semifinal #1
[1] LSU
[4] Kentucky
Utah State
Play-In Winner

Semifinal #2
[2] Utah
[3] Arizona State
Boise State
Southern Utah


Thursday play-in
Penn State v. West Virginia

Semifinal #1
[1] Michigan
[4] UCLA
Kent State
Play-In Winner

Semifinal #2
[2] Cal
[3] BYU
Ohio State

Here’s how Greg would FIX it. 5-up, 5-count.