MOST 10s in NCAA history

Seniors Kyla Ross and Maggie Nichols currently sit in sixth and seventh place respectively, with Ross nine 10.0s away from tying the record. She recorded fourteen 10.0s during the 2019 season. …


1 Jenny Hansen (Kentucky) 28
2 Jamie Dantzscher (UCLA) 27
3 Hope Spivey (Georgia) 24
4 Kim Arnold (Georgia) 21
5 Karin Lichey (Georgia) 20
6 Kyla Ross (UCLA) 19
7 Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) 17

Right. judging has NOT been consistent over the decades. We are living in one of the highest scoring eras.

why more girls than boys drop out of sport

I coach at one Gym where some of the teen gymnasts are training — but still deciding whether or not to compete this season.

That’s working well. They are less worried about getting routines ready in time. Having more fun. And are more consistently motivated day-to-day.

Teenage girls should place a lower priority on competition. A higher priority on FUN and FITNESS.

According to Gatorade’s recent “Girls In Sports” study, girls are dropping out of sports at 1.5x the rate that boys do by age 14. By age 17, more than half of girls will quit playing sports altogether.

Refinery29 partnered with Gatorade for its #SistersInSweat movement, in hopes of figuring out why this is happening. Over the course of two weeks in August 2017, we polled 1,000 teenage girls in the United States between the ages of 13 and 18 to find out their reasons for giving up on something that has been proven to make them happier, healthier, and more confident throughout the rest of their lives. …

Young Girls Are Dropping Out Of Sports — Here’s Why It’s A Problem

Thanks Jeff.

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Gymnastics commentator Olly Hogben

In 2011 Olly Hogben was a drama teacher. He had no training in broadcasting.

By 2016 he was announcing at the Rio Oympics.

Dvora Meyers interviews one of our favourite Elite Gymnastics announcers:

DM: As a commentator, what do you see as your primary job? Is it educating the viewers? Entertaining them?

OH: This is a great question! For me it’s clear—I am here to help people enjoy the sport. … What I try to do—and hopefully sometimes succeed [at]—is to talk to the hardcore fans one minute, then the total novices, then move to those who need a quick recap. …

DM: Were you surprised by how you’ve been embraced by gymnastics fans? Also, aren’t you also a little terrified by the gymternet? I know that I sometimes am, which is generally a good thing since it keeps me from writing dumb things.

OH: I’m shocked at how I’ve been embraced, to be honest! It was in Glasgow last year that people really started to react positively to my commentary and I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t …

Click through to read the whole interview.

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Gym Owner probation – failing to report abuse

In Missouri.

Piper J. Hoemann, 47, pleaded guilty to failure to report child abuse. As owner of the now-closed Kids in Motion, Hoemann was considered a mandated reporter by the state. …

Authorities allege that Hoemann knew of the accusation against a former trainer who allegedly touched three juveniles under their shorts … yet she failed to contact police.

Hoemann was given two years unsupervised bench probation as part of the suspended imposition sentence (S.I.S.) on the charge. …

Former Gym Owner Is Given Probation — For Failing to Report Abuse

an Olympics love story

Bronze medal-winning Olympian Adam Rippon has a new memoir. In it he recounts his feud with famously homophobic Vice President Mike Pence who lead the U.S. Olympic delegation to South Korea.

Here’s one of the best of his life stories.

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Andreea Răducan documentary – The Golden Girl


Give Răducan a Gold medal for the AA at the 2000 Olympics. We’ve always considered her the deserving winner.

Shot in 2015 and 2016, the documentary The Golden Girl centres on Romanian gymnast Andreea Răducan, who won the all-around gold medal at the 2000 Olympics, only to be forced a day later to renounce her title and her medal following a controversial doping test. …

We meet Răducan, now a retired gymnast and a successful businesswoman, in 2015, as she starts to investigate the possibility of convincing the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to give her back her medal. …


Click PLAY or watch a highly dramatic trailer on YouTube.