V.P. Kamala Harris

The USA has had 92 Presidents and Vice Presidents, all but one of those white men.

Regardless of your own political affiliation, it’s historic that all American girls know now that it’s possible to get to the White House.

Congratulations USA.

England clubs lock down

Over the weekend the UK Government announced a lockdown in England from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December. …

This news is incredibly disappointing. We know the gymnastics community has done everything to make the sport safe. And while we know the health benefits that our sport brings, the number of cases of Covid-19 continue to rise across the country.  …

We are acutely aware of the immense financial pressure many clubs will be under …

As with the first lockdown, we’ll support clubs in accessing financial support, grants and the furlough scheme. …

British Gymnastics

Club close as of Nov. 5th. Elite training can continue.

Hopefully clubs can reopen Dec. 2nd.

There are many other clubs around the world shut down. Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, for example, is shut down again for a month.

That’s a shame as Gymnastics clubs seem to be one of the safest spaces for kids during this pandemic.

Ariella Käslin’s story

Ariella Käslin is a 2008 Olympian voted Swiss Sportswoman of the Year in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

I recall being disappointed when Ariella retired 2011. She seemed still top of her game.

She later wrote a memoir detailing her exhaustion, related depression, and concerns with former Swiss National Coach Eric Demay who was let go April 2007.

Read it on gymnovosti:


Click PLAY or watch her on YouTube.




Empowering Olympic, Paralympic and Amateur Athletes Act

It’s now law.

The act grants Congress the power to remove members of the USOPC Board of Directors, while it would have the ability to decertify national governing bodies in the country if they fail to adhere to requirements.

The act would also require the USOPC to give the US Center for SafeSport $20 million (£15.5 million/€17 million) in annual funding to do its work more effectively.

The act establishes safeguards designed to protect amateur athletes from abuse from coaches and other officials within Olympic and Paralympic sports. …

The bill is expected to see the formation of a 16-member commission on the State of the U.S. Olympics and Paralympics. …

At least eight members would have to be current or former Olympic or Paralympic athletes.

Inside the Games

I’m certain at least one gymnast will be included on the commission as this whole process was started because USA Gymnastics mishandled the case of their criminal doctor.

USAG online competitions


USA Gymnastics announced multiple ways to hold competitive gymnastics events for the 2020-21 season, including virtual event sanctions and a free platform for hosting virtual meets

… on a number of different platforms, including Zoom, Skype and Google Meet, ensuring that even more athletes are able to compete despite complications created by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

For the 2020-21 season, USA Gymnastics will also be providing members free access to the Flyp10 virtual meet platform, which is integrated with USA Gymnastics’ Meet Reservation system. Using Flyp10, participants will be able to upload HD-quality recordings of their real-time performances for immediate scoring by judges and keep track of rolling scores and placement throughout the meet. …

To help meet directors facilitate virtual competitions, USA Gymnastics has created Virtual Playbooks for all 5 disciplines.

Cortland & Brockport 2021 competitions cancelled

Will other Universities come to this decision?

I’m worried.

Outbreaks are likely at Colleges and Universities. For example, State University of New York Oneonta has had more than 700 students and faculty test positive for COVID-19. Student population is about 3000.

Gymnastics called ‘legal child abuse’

Michiel de Hoog writes about sport for De Correspondent in Netherlands.

Though no Gymnastics expert, de Hoog put together a very damning article on the culture of elite women’s Gymnastics.

There are some specifics overstated. No examples at all of any elite gymnasts who feel they didn’t suffer child abuse. But his main point is hard to refute.

Best read it for yourself.

Women’s gymnastics has a decades-old, reform-resistant culture of abuse. It’s hard to see a solution when child abuse isn’t an exception in women’s gymnastics – it’s the logical consequence.

Why women’s gymnastics is legal child abuse