Wow – Giorgia Villa – Bars

I appreciate gymnasts with the confidence NOT to ask for a spotter to stand-in.

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introducing Flyaway on P Bars

Starting backwards Flyaway from Parallel Bars is fast, fun and easy.

Kids don’t need as much spot as there is less risk of hitting feet on the Bar. It works for both boys and girls.

This is Taiso, Saskatoon.

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BEST way to introduce Giants

I finally got back to a Gym where I’d coached 10 years — Taiso, Saskatoon.

Over the 3 weeks I had all beginners (and some trying to improve their backward Giants) do my favourite drill.

The beginner is focused on getting feet back on the spotting boxes as quickly as possible.

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Here’s coach Matthew Sparks using the same progression on the actual Bars rail. Her first Giant.

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spotting Tsuk with a belt

Even if you have a pit, it’s not a bad idea to introduce the “flip” this way.

The first time I saw this done was in the 1970s. Crazy coach Dave Copeland asked me to be second spotter on the belt (a pair of blue jeans). It was at an outdoor summer camp. No pit. We RAN alongside the gymnast, spotting on the actual vault horse. Surprisingly, it worked well.

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