great SPOT – coach Chad Buczek

Chad is a coach and owner of Metro South Gymnastics Academy, Canton, Mass.

At a competition in Tennessee, 9-year-old gymnast Cherrish Remy barrels her way toward the vault and launches herself off the springboard, but she’s off the mark.

Luckily, her quick-acting coach Chad Buczek appeared out of nowhere and caught little Cherrish before her fall could go really badly.

“I instantly broke out into a sweat,” said the girl’s mother. “It’s definitely not the first time he’s saved her,” she continued, speaking of Coach Buczek.

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Bev Plocki, Jay Clark, Melissa Kutcher-Reinhart

Bev Plocki (Michigan)
Jay Clark (LSU)
Melissa Kutcher-Reinhart (Denver)

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Flo: The 2020 season is knocking at the door. At this point, before we get rolling for season, what is one goal you have for your team this year?

Bev: I want us to maintain the same kind of unity and chemistry that we had through last season, and focus on ourselves. … And of course, enjoy the journey as we go through the season. This is a group of amazing women who make coming into the gym every day a joy. If we can do that, we will accomplish great things.

Jay: Our goals stay the same at LSU. They are stated in our team handbook. We have academic, team, and community goals. We want our team to compete for and win championships. … There are plenty of small goals we set every week and define what those are. We want to be the model of a student-athlete: excel in the classroom and give back to the community that is supporting them. We teach them to be accountable for their decisions. … This level of balance sets us apart.

Melissa: I don’t necessarily know yet. We have four returning All-Americans and a very talented and experienced team. We are expected to be one of the top teams in the nation and I honestly think our job is to stay in the process and the journey. That will lead us to where we need to be.

So far, Jay Clark won the preseason with this spotting skill.

Shaposh progression and spotting

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Even better is the Tumbl Trak Quick Flex Bar.

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