train landings train landings train landings

Landings are incredibly important in NCAA competition. Yet College girls are not very good at them. πŸ˜•

Almost any male gymnast is more skilled at bringing impact forces to zero than almost any female gymnast. Male gymnasts work seriously on landings.

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Yes. Part of the problem in WAG is judging expectations. We need to educate judges to the biomechanically, physiologically BEST and SAFEST techniques of landing.

Xiao deducted 0.3 for not saluting

On his last apparatus, Xiao failed to salute the judges after his Horizontal Bar dismount, incurring a 0.3 penalty.

The deduction did not change his medal standing.

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Not as bad as Manrique Larduet 2015.

One of the very first things young kids learn about competition is how to “present” and “salute”.

Respect for the judges

6 new WAG skills in Tokyo

Ava Stewart, CAN – Bars
Double salto forward piked dismount

Sanne Wevers. NED – Beam turn

Lieke Wevers, NED – Floor turn

Lieke Wevers, NED – Floor turn #2

Simone Biles, USA – Vault
Double salto forward piked dismount

Jade Carey, USA – Floor
Double layout with 3/1 twist


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3 new MAG skills in Tokyo

Brody Malone (USA) and Ludovico Edalli (ITA) – P Bars
Free Hip to handstand on 1-bar, Heally down.

Ilia Kovtun (UKR) – P Bars
Forward upwise with Stutz or salto backward to 1-bar handstand (like Peters)

Samir Ait Said (FRA) – Rings
Description: Roll backward slowly with straight arms and body to handstand through swallow.

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’21 Worlds USA MAG team?

Kensley and the GymCastic crew discussed the option to send a team of mostly specialists to 2021 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Japan October 18–24, 2021.

There is NO team competition at that one.

For Worlds it’s a maximum of 6 men, 4 women β€”Β because women are 2/3rds as worthy, I assume πŸ˜• β€”Β with a maximum of 3 competing each apparatus.

American AAers should stay home, focusing on increasing their D-scores for 2022.

GymCastic suggested:

Brody Malone AA (if he wants to go)

FX – Gage Dyer, Eddie Penev
POM – Stephen Nedoroscik
Rings – Alex Diab
Vault – Donnell Whittenburg, Eddie Penev

Of course any other apparatus specialist should be welcomed to trial. Send those athletes with the best chances of qualifying for any Final.

It’s Kohei’s home town hosting. If not competing, I’m sure he’ll be the spokesman for that competition.

Kitakyushu, Japan

Riley McCusker on Arizona Sunrays

Recall Riley injured her ankle at the U.S. Classic. On competition Vault landing mats, where so many major injuries happen.

… I want to thank Brian from the bottom of my heart for showing me what it was like to be treated with kindness and respect everyday.

Because of this I will never let anyone treat or abuse me the way I was for years, he has helped me become a whole person.

He is also an incredible coach and before I hurt my ankle at classics I was doing things on floor and vault that I never thought possible for me.

My main motivation for this last year and a half while training with Brian Carey was to show all of the little gymnasts and athletes out there that you can still become the best athlete that you can be in a healthy environment. …

I didn’t have a vote. But my pick for the +one U.S. Olympic team would have been Riley. She hit 5/6 Bars routines this season and would have been a favourite for the Bars final, if not the podium.

If you want a deep dive into WHY the USA didn’t pick Riley as an alternate, listen to the June 30th GymCastic episode – Olympic Trials Party and Postmortem.

USAG WAG approves competition shorts

Good decision.

I predict leo and shorts will become increasingly popular as that’s what many wear in training.

Nina’s Nabieva to cross grip

In reality, catching in cross grip should be the same skill.

Still β€” this is a cool combination and a very smart routine. Fewer skills to deduct.

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At a domestic meet, Sanne competed the same skill β€” but from Free Hip, much more difficult.

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