‘Positive Psychology, Communication & Athlete Safety’

A new online course is available based on Lisa Mitzel’s book FOCUSED AND INSPIRED: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World.

It focuses on the nuances of words and emotions in the coach-athlete dynamic.

Coaches learn from various areas including human behavior studies, child development, philosophy, education, and meditation.

Check it out here – Positive Psychology, Communication and Athlete Safety

G.S. George has a companion course – Biomechanical Techniques

Positive Coaching eLearning course

British Gymnastics:

The course is free for all our members who hold a Level 2 or above coaching qualification and is compulsory. …

The course aims to raise awareness on how different belief systems impact coaching behaviours and the coach-participant relationship. …

Men’s Artistic Head National Coach, Paul Hall MBE recently completed the course:

“… I know the value of good feedback and, having just completed the Positive Coaching eLearning course, I would recommend it to everyone involved in the sport. Its message is well presented, and I found the course to be an essential tool in creating a safe and effective coaching environment.”


International Forum on Gymnastic Sciences

Toshiyuki Fujihara announces a big event in Osaka, Japan featuring …

Dr. Keith Russell, Dr. Gareth Irwin, Mr. Jeff Thomson, Dr. William A Sands, Mr. Huang Yubin, and Mr. Hiro Sato.

October 19-20, 2019.

No fee though you must register online.

GBR Men training as coaches

Members of the senior and junior men’s artistic squad have begun their coaching journey, in a bid to inspire the next generation of budding gymnasts.

Gymnasts have recently undertaken the latest practical and theory sessions of their UKCC Level 1 Men’s Artistic Coaching Award at Lilleshall National Sports Centre …

The course has been broken down into bitesize chunks to fit around the gymnasts training camps when at Lilleshall. The seniors began their course last November, the juniors started theirs in January, and final assessments are due to take place in August. …

On Monday evening, senior gymnasts including Adam Tobin, Dom Cunningham, Donell Osbourne, Jamie Lewis, Joe Cemlyn-Jones, Joe Fraser, Joshua Nathan, Nile Wilson and Pavel Karnejenko continued the theory part of the course.

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, following training, junior gymnasts Jake Johnson, Korben Fellows, Matthew Boardman, Raekwon Baptiste, Sam Mostowfi and Sam Ghinn took part in the practical part of the course. …

British Gymnastics

It’s not uncommon for nations to fast-track National Team members as coaches and judges.

FIG’s 1st Parkour coach education course

With the adoption of the new discipline of Parkour by the FIG Congress in December 2018, it became necessary to develop coach education programmes also for this discipline. …

Starting from zero, the group was able to develop the programme and the manual – in three languages – for the Parkour Age Group Development and Competition Programme before the end of May and lead the first introduction camp/seminar for this programme in mid-June in Mexico. …

A first event for Parkour among June FIG coach education activities

INTRODUCTION to competitive coaching in Canada

First you take the non-competitive Foundations course.

Next you register for a 4-day Competition 1 (C1) coaching course.

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Clinician Jeremy Mosier ran a C1 WAG course at his Gym Pegasus in Calgary last weekend.

I had 4 coaches assist Jeremy. This was part of the training program for those four to teach the course in future.

Comp 1 is about 30% Theory, 70% in-Gym.