Max Whitlock training tumbling FORM

See ladies. Some of the guys do care about form. 😀

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

Simone’s SET on Moors

Incredible. She could probably do triple twisting double layout.

Click PLAY or watch the first pass on YouTube.

Look how much later Simone initiates the twist than others. It’s almost lay-in, double full out. She gets that technique from her Biles.

Jr USA Nationals – day 1

Leanne Wong leads.

Click PLAY or watch her Floor on Twitter. GAGE gymnasts always have clean twisting.

Mary Lou Retton competed Tsuk 1/1, not Kas


Tsuk 1/1 is much more difficult than the Kasamatsu used by Ellie Black, Oksana and … almost everyone.

Mary Lou did half-on, full-off. (1.5 twists total)

Kasamatsu is quarter-on, three quarter-off (1.0 twists total)

Watch it on YouTube. (Right hand on the horse first, left twist on the salto.)

In addition, she trained Tsuk double full. Seriously.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Almost nobody does the more difficult version of Tsuk twisting. René Cournoyer from Canada is one.

If still confused on Kasamatsu, click over to Uncle Tim’s post – What the H is a Kasamatsu?