Gymnastics called ‘legal child abuse’

Michiel de Hoog writes about sport for De Correspondent in Netherlands.

Though no Gymnastics expert, de Hoog put together a very damning article on the culture of elite women’s Gymnastics.

There are some specifics overstated. No examples at all of any elite gymnasts who feel they didn’t suffer child abuse. But his main point is hard to refute.

Best read it for yourself.

Women’s gymnastics has a decades-old, reform-resistant culture of abuse. It’s hard to see a solution when child abuse isn’t an exception in women’s gymnastics – it’s the logical consequence.

Why women’s gymnastics is legal child abuse

Onodi / Mostepanova on Beam

Everyone loves the skill named after Henrietta Ónodi.  A fantastic gymnast who competed 1992 and 1996 Olympics, winning medals.

Henrietta Onodi called the Onodi on Beam the “Mostepanova” because she’d seen Olga compete it first.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch a Beam DISPLAY on YouTube. (1986)

Click PLAY or watch Mostepanova in 1983 on YouTube.

upcoming FIG coach education

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• 16 October, 10:00 am (CET)
Gymnastics, everyone can participate
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We must be gymnast centered
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Understanding twisting during saltos
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Yul training new skill on P Bars

UPDATE: Gym fan corrected me. Thanks.

Koji Yamamuro has this skill named for him in the Code (G):

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Peach 3/4 + 1/4 Healy.

Yul is training Peach 1/4 + Healy.

So the answer to IG’s question on the video below is … YES. 🙂 I can’t find it in the Code.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

Roethlisberger on Men’s NCAA Gymnastics

After this season, there could be only 12 NCAA teams remaining.

John Roethlisberger:

… men’s gymnastics is the hardest sport to follow, understand, and tell who’s winning, even more so than women’s gymnastics. In 2018, the women’s finals of the U.S. Gymnastics Championships had over three times as many viewers as the men’s competition, according to Sports Business Daily.

Roethlisberger believes people want to know the score in real time and what needs to happen in the next turn for a team to take or retain the lead. …

The meets also take too long, Roethlisberger said. He said he would shorten all events to three-up, three-count. 

He said he would downsize the gymnasts on teams to 12 and use a club program as the junior varsity program. Many programs have more than 20 on their roster.

“I honestly would go as far as cutting the entire budget, other than the coach and maybe three scholarships,” Roethlisberger said

Tide changing for collegiate men’s gymnastics, alternative solutions exist

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Jane Allen retires from British Gymnastics

Hopefully this will help BG make the cultural changes called for by many of their top athletes.

After over ten years with British Gymnastics, Jane Allen MBE is to retire as Chief Executive in December. An interim Chief Executive will be announced in the near future.  …