Gabrielle Black – Jr Elite CAN Champ

  1. Gabrielle Black – Oakville
  2. Zoe Tsaprailis – WIMGYM
  3. Lia Monica Fontaine – WIMGYM
  4. Cristella Brunetti-Burns – WIMGYM
  5. Reese Wilson – Gemini
  6. Gabrielle Elise Fausto – WIMGYM

WIMGYM is Montreal West Island Gymnastics Club. New facility in Kirkland since June 2021.

Full results.

Claude Pelletier took over as Head Coach in 2016. And things are going very, very well.

Thanks Chantel.

Oklahoma 49.650 Vault

That’s a good day.

Selena Harris is awesome

The UCLA rookie is my BIGGEST SURPRISE of the new season.

WHO is Selena Harris?

Already an AA superstar in College, Selena trained at Gymcats Vegas.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Aurélie Tran wins Elite Canada

Aurélie Tran trains at Gymnix.

Note. Despite the photo, Gymnix has decided to postpone the return of their international competition until 2024.

Full results.

Derrian Gobourne – Floor

I feel like posting this routine every week!

Her biggest fans.

Elite Canada Novice results

Novice is the youngest category for WAG at Elite.

Full results.

Suni’s new choreography

Choreographer is her teammate, Gabby McLaughlin.

Coach Jeff Graba didn’t have the music cut until Tuesday night.

This performance was the first time Suni did the entire routine!