OSU at Championships

One of the BIG stories of Championships 2019 was the miracle run of Oregon State University.

They surpassed Florida at Regionals to qualify.

And were tied with Denver after 3 apparatus in the semi-final very close to reaching 4 on the Floor.

In coaching we call this peaking.

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How did the mother of Madi and Lacy Dagen like the performance? 😀

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Li Li Leung attended both NCAA Championships

Good move for the USAG CEO.

And if Barry Weiner was her coach I know she’s got a strong technical background.

Division II NCAA is misunderstood

College Gym News:

There was a new face at this year’s NCAA regional competition—Lindenwood. It was the team’s first time making it to this illustrious postseason meet, which qualifies only the top 36 teams in the country. …

By finishing at No. 36, the team outranked 26 DI teams. Not to mention, Lindenwood is also only in its seventh year as a program, making it the youngest squad competing in the entire country. …

Her team lost to George Washington in round one of regionals but went on to win its third title at USAG nationals the following weekend. Its final team score at that event was a huge 196.375, which, to put in perspective, is around the average score of No. 13-ranked Auburn. …

Bridgeport, Lindenwood Bring Recognition to Division II


Stanford upsets Oklahoma to win Championships


1. Stanford 415.222
2. Oklahoma 414.556
3. Nebraska 407.489
4. Michigan 406.354
5. Illinois 405.358
6. Penn State 399.725

After 5 of 6 rotations it looked like the Sooners had their 5th title in a row locked up. It goes to show anything can happen in Men’s Gymnastics.

Congratulations STANFORD.

Oklahoma wins Nationals with 198.3375

No question. The Sooners were awesome tonight. A big improvement on the qualification round yesterday.

LSU had a fantastic meet as well to keep the pressure on.

Many felt the judging was poor tonight. But all agree the team ranking is correct.

1. Oklahoma – 198.3375
2. LSU – 197.8250
3. UCLA – 197.5375
4. Denver – 197.0000

Brenna anchored Vault last apparatus for OU. You have to ASSume she was awarded 10.0 on her final routine ever.

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Flippin’ 5K promotes College Gymnastics

While the 2019 NCAA National Championships are all about gymnastics, gymnasts, coaches and fans laced up their running shoes to support a greater cause Saturday morning. Organized to support the Collegiate Gymnastics Growth Initiative, the Flippin’ 5K drew hundreds of fans and even more spectators as participants made the 3.1-mile loop around the arena.

Oregon State and Utah’s full teams lined the course to cheer on runners …

Runners Show up to Support Collegiate Gymnastics Growth Initiative with Flippin’ 5K