Gymnastics Australia child safety co-ordinator

Ms Pownall, the first child safety co-ordinator for Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Victoria, said part of her job would be to educate clubs, coaches, parents and gymnasts …

“One of the new laws in Vic­toria is that if anyone is aware of a child being abused, it is a criminal offence not to report it,’’ she said. …

Gymnastics Australia appoints first child safety co-ordinator


what did Bridget and Alicia think?

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Men’s NCAA – Oklahoma dynasty

1. Oklahoma 414.858
2. Minnesota 411.923
3. Illinois 411.689
4. Stanford 408.725
5. Nebraska 403.589
6. Penn State 401.991

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… The Sooners had fallen behind by about 4 points after struggling on their third event (SR). Stanford’s strong start and Illinois lighting up the scoreboard on VT (72.464), put the Sooners in a precarious position. Needing to score 71-plus on their next event (VT) to keep pace, Oklahoma incredibly did a little lighting up of their own. …

Moldauer captured his second NCAA AA title (87.298) with his season-high score, surpassing his closest competitor by over 4 points. …

Oklahoma Makes It Four Straight; Moldauer Romps to 2nd AA Title

Coach Justin Spring is hurting for his guys. They were possibly the best team on the floor in Super 6. But dropped to 3rd with 5-6 falls. Minnesota had no falls.

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