NCAA Records 2023


*I included Fisk, Greenville, and Simpson for the sake of completion even though, yes, any score would have been a record in their first season. 

Of the 84 teams in college gymnastics, so far 20 of them have set records for overall team score, 24 have set NQS records, 23 have set vault records, 12 have set bars records, 28 have set beam records, and 16 have set floor records. …


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Record Team Score 2023 Regular Season

Oklahoma – 198.575
Cal – 198.275
Michigan State – 198.225
Denver – 198.150
Oregon State – 198.075
Kentucky – 197.875
Missouri – 197.850
Arkansas – 197.475
Western Michigan – 197.100
Ball State – 196.900
Rutgers – 196.875
San Jose State – 196.625
SEMO – 196.175
LIU – 196.100
Fisk – 192.400
UW-Stout – 191.550
Rhode Island – 188.950
Gustavus Adolphus – 187.775
Greenville – 186.675
Simpson – 185.175

DTB Pokal Team Challenge MAG

USA wins the team competition in both JR and SR.

1. United States 258.800
2. Japan 253.950
3. Turkey 247.350
4. Italy 245.750
5. Switzerland 243.900
6. France 243.250
7. Great Britain 240.550
8. Canada 240.000
9. Brazil 239.600
10. Germany II 239.250
11. Israel 234.400
12. Germany I 231.550

Though this is an invitational, many of the best gymnasts in the world were there.

Only CHN, JPN, and GBR have qualified for the Paris Olympics. Nine more teams will be selected at Worlds 2023.

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Derrian Gobourne reflects

The Queen” will retire after this season.

In this interview she thinks back to her coach Laura who had faith in her switching from Cheer to Gymnastics. And much more.

Teens need motivation ➙ e.g. Sport

I’ve always felt the average teen competitive gymnast is psychologically safer — on average — than their classmates.

Spending 20+ hours a week on a sport or activity has risks. BUT staying home scrolling TikTok and other social media may be even more damaging.

The Gym is one place in a teen’s life where profanity is rare. Structure is clear. Rules in place.

The culture of a Gymnastics club is far healthier — on average — than school or the mall.

Sadly, this is increasingly true in the USA according to a new study.

Of course this is even more true of teens identifying as — or confused about — being LGBQ+. One American political party is targeting those young people for attack.

Bottom line for coaches and all adults is to be patient and supportive of teenagers. It’s a difficult time of life for many.