NCAA on State abortion bans

The man in any unplanned pregnancy should be accountable.

This is one way to do it — though it would probably be difficult to enforce.

Euros begin Aug 11th

Part of the multi-sport European Championships, the women will compete from 11 to 14 August, while the men take centerstage from 18 to 21 August. …

37 Federations are travelling to Munich to challenge for the continental titles. A total of 259 gymnasts are scheduled to compete: 112 juniors and 147 seniors. …

Each country can enter a team of 3 – 5 gymnasts of which up to 4 gymnasts compete on each apparatus, or up to 2 individual gymnasts. The 3 best scores on each apparatus are added together to make the team total on that apparatus, with the 8 best teams advancing to the team final where 3 gymnasts will compete on each apparatus and all 3 scores count towards the team total. …

Tina Gerets via email

For both men and women, the top 13 teams from qualification will advance to worlds, as will the top 23 finishers in the all-around who are not part of the 13 qualifying teams. This will complete the world championship qualification process.

Lee Chih Kai – 2022 Pommels

Lee Chih Kai medaled on Pommels at 2018, 2019 Worlds and the Tokyo Olympics.

Looks like he’s going for GOLD at Worlds 2022.

Bar releases with 1/2 turns – CONTROVERSY

It’s easy to catch a release to Cross Grip without turning in the air.

It’s very difficult to complete the 180° twist prior to regrasp.

MOST will end up doing something in-between.

Rather than make judges decide, problem would be solved if the 1/2 turn skills were considered a different skill for difficulty — but be awarded the same value.

 Georgia-Mae Fenton, for example, could compete Church and Church 1/2 turn and be credited 2 different skills with E value.

It’s an imperfect compromise, but the best I can come up with.

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