Sam Oldham’s story

Former Team GB gymnast Sam Oldham is gunning for one last shot at Olympic glory – this is his story

… Oldham is out of Team GB and hasn’t competed at major championships in several years, yet he remains focused on making a surge for a place in the squad for Tokyo. …

“On paper, right now I’m in the worst possible place I’ve been in. I’m 26, not in the GB squad right now, my funding got dropped, I’m actually living with my grandparents. …

Sam Oldham on Team GB Olympic glory and frustrations, his battle with depression and the road to Tokyo 2020

Sam Oldham, GBR 2010

RSA’s Caitlin Rooskrantz to Tokyo

Congratulations to the South African star. Cheer her at the Olympics.

improving World Championships

Most people agree on these points:

  • Worlds should be shorter
  • Worlds should be less expensive
  • Worlds should not showcase dangerous skills from gymnasts not at the expected level of competition
  • Smaller, poorer nations should have a chance to compete against China
In 2019 we had medalists from Croatia, Ireland and Philippines, for example. We don’t want to reduce the chances of a future Carlos ‘Caloy’ Yulo having a chance to rise to medal contender.


I’m OK with lower level gymnasts competing Worlds so long as their routines are not dangerous. Recall Sri Lanka’s appearance at Worlds 2003? The audience loved them. Their routines were very basic.


In 2019 Milka Gehani just might qualify for the Tokyo Olympics through the tripartite rule. Worlds 2003 was a step on the long road to Tokyo.


Click PLAY or watch her Beam on YouTube.

To shorten Worlds I’d first cut the Team competition. It would be decided through the qualification round.

IOC and FIG have broad missions. Handing medals to the best of the best is one objective amongst many. Developing sport in Sri Lanka is another.

PROPOSAL – Elite Worlds 

In Canada we have always had two major competitions each year:

  1. Nationals (regional representation, regional development, etc.)
  2. Elite Canada

At Elite Canada only the best of the best qualify. We might have 12 gymnasts from Ontario and only 1 from Nova Scotia, for example.

I’d love to see an FIG sponsored Elite Worlds. Cash prizes. 15 American gymnasts competing Floor, for example.


Simone’s 25 World medals

“She’s incredible,” Landi said.

“You don’t want to look at (the medals), just. …  The goal is to hit four out of four, every day, day after day. This is what she has shown everybody and to herself, her consistency not only in training but when it counts. …

Simone Biles sets the standard in gymnastics and maybe any sport you can name

Mic drop.

NYC Gymnerds meet-up

Ilena Robbins organizes socials where Gymnastics fans get together.

For Worlds they met at a bar in the Village at 9:45 am.

Click PLAY or get a glimpse on Twitter.

Dvora Meyers – On Watching Gymnastics at a Bar