Gymnasts locked out again

Life is pretty much back to normal for clubs in New Zealand and Korea.

But in places where COVID-19 numbers are rapidly increasing, some governments are again restricting Gymnastics classes.

That’s a shame as coaches know that our facilities can be as safe as anywhere.

Hang in there. Stay safe.

Double Olympic Champ Rosie MacLennan

IOC posted a terrific interview with Rosie. She’ll be contending for Gold medal #3 in Tokyo

“Dave (Ross) and I talked about routines after Rio, and he was like, ‘I just want to see you do cool things, whatever about the medals’.

That brings the joy again,” said MacLennan, who will compete in the Japanese capital 81 years after her grandfather was denied a place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1940 by the outbreak of the Second World War.


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Oprah loves Taylor Lindsay-Noel

Oprah published her list of Favorite Things 2020.

This year it includes a box of high-end luxury organic tea produced by former gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel.

Taylor was a teammate of Peng Peng Lee, both training to try to qualify for the London Olympics.

Tragically Taylor was injured doing a super difficult new Bars dismount. Without a pit. I still get emotional thinking about it.

If you know of any tea aficionados, check out Taylor’s products at

One dollar from each starter tea kit will go to mental health advocacy, including CAMH, because, Lindsay-Noel said, mental health stigma is still way too stubbornly held in the Black community.

‘There’s so much to life after a tragedy’: At 14, Taylor Lindsay-Noel was paralyzed in a gymnastics accident. Now she’s one of Oprah’s favourite things

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

NCAA signings for 2022

A number of NCAA Gymnastics teams have already announced their schools won’t be competing winter sports due to COVID-19. Alaska, for one.

As cases are skyrocketing in the USA — I’m assuming we’ll end up with virtual competitions in 2021. I can’t see teams traveling much, unless they’ve had an effective vaccination. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, last Wednesday began the start of announcements of gymnasts joining for the 2022 competitive season.

College Gym News is maintaining a list.

Spencer has a list of those who have signed their National Letter of Intent, confirming athletic aid (scholarship).

And more.