#respect Janelle McDonald

Coach Janelle McDonald has been with UCLA gymnastics for less than a year, but the program can feel her impact already. After finishing the regular season at No. 18 in the country a year ago, the Bruins now sit at No. 4 …

“If it wasn’t for Janelle, we wouldn’t be the Bruins we are today,” said sophomore Jordan Chiles. …

“It feels like it’s a dream come true,” (Margzetta) Frazier said. “It’s too good to be true that Janelle is here, and she’s done nothing but lift and empower and learn.” …

Daily Bruin

SEC Championships 2023

Session 1:
VT: No. 5 seed Auburn
UB: No. 6 Arkansas
BB: No. 7 Missouri
FX: No. 8 Georgia

Session 2:
VT: No. 1 seed Florida
UB: No. 2 LSU
BB: No. 4 Alabama
FX: No. 3 Kentucky

When OKLAHOMA joins next season, this competition will change radically.

The championship will move from a one-day event to a two-day format. The semifinals will consist of two sessions of four teams each.  The top seed will receive a bye to the championship.  The top seed plus the two session winners in the semifinals and the team with the next highest score in the semifinals will advance to a four-team championship.

LOUD NCAA competitions

If you are going to Utah, LSU and some other venues in 2023 — it‘s going to be loud. You might not be able to hear your Floor music, for example.

West Virginia head coach Jason Butts:

“I have this obnoxious crowd noise music. It’s got Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and then I mixed in some smooth jazz just to really get on [the team’s] nerves. We blared it as loud as it could go in the gym to get them ready,” Butts explained …

Carlee Nelson:

… I hate that music, but thank you for doing that to me,” Butts recalled with a laugh. “I think the prep worked.” …

Unconventional Methods Prepared West Virginia for LSU Environment

BEST ‘perfect’ 10s 😀

Judge Rhiannon Franck has been re-evaluating perfect 10 routines from the 2023 season on College Gym News.

As we all know, no routine is perfect. The 10 is mostly used as a marketing device for WAG NCAA. And it works!

Here are 3 sets Rhiannon would be happy to see be awarded an actual College 10.

Oleg Verniaiev has returned

UPDATE. Oleg is now training with the National Team.

ODDS of Ukraine qualifying a full team to Paris and contending for a team medal in Paris would be increased if Oleg can get back to form.

On the other hand, Ukraine might boycott if gymnasts from RUS are allowed into the Olympics.

… Verniaiev has been able to successfully argue that he did not take meldonium intentionally and his suspension was reduced, although not annulled. He is now eligible to compete again.

Additionally, even if he does not return to competition as an athlete, the suspension also prevented him from attending international competitions as a coach or official, so he will now be able to continue working in gymnastics with no restrictions. …

Baku World Cup highlights

I’ve only heard great things about the competition. Azerbaijan is a great host.

With four medals, including golds from Olympic hopefuls Coline Devillard and Marine Boyer, the 2024 Olympic host nation emerged as the most successful at the third of four FIG World Cup events. …

Yulo, the 23-year-old from Manila displayed his usual impeccable form as he sailed to the titles on men’s Vault and Parallel Bars, ending Illia Kovtun’s (UKR) streak of six World Cup titles on the latter. …

Local hero Nikita Simonov (AZE) earned the host nation’s only medal with his win on Still Rings …

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