CAN Nationals MAG – day 1

Canada’s goal is to qualify a full team to the Paris Olympics. Top 12 at Worlds 2023.

The have a good talent pool to choose from. Zach Clay’s 14.350 Pommels is a BIG number for this team.

Yurchenko twisting progression


I wouldn’t use this often. But it might help a gymnast feel confident at the beginning of adding a second twist.

It might even work for a gymnast trying to delay initiating a half or 3/2 twist.

way-too-early 2024 NCAA predictions

  1. Oklahoma
  2. LSU
  3. Cal
  4. Utah
  5. Florida
  6. Alabama
  7. Michigan
  8. Kentucky
  9. UCLA
  10. Michigan State

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Cal Hall of Fame = Barry Weiner

For me Barry is one of the most astute technical coaches in the world.

His ascension to the Cal Berkeley Hall of Fame well deserved.


Paris Olympics – Pride House

The Pride House is designed to be a welcoming and inclusive space and will be in operation throughout the period of next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

… gender equality, diversity and equal opportunities …

Pride House has been launched alongside the Fair-Play Association, which aims to promote fair play, inclusion, equality and respect for people in sport regardless of gender, sexual orientation, expression or gender identity. …

Olympic ideals. Racists and homophobes should stay away.

NEW Pommel Book by Miguel Costante 

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The English translation has just been released. Miguel has coached in Canada for decades and is completely bilingual.

Miguel is widely recognized one of the best MAG age-group coaches.

He’s available as a consultant for any club worldwide.

Happily, Miguel also has a lot of FREE content on his site in both English & Spanish so you can check out his coaching philosophy first.

The NEW website is (no S at the end of Gymnastic)