Eating disorders in Climbing

Climbing is now an Olympic sport.

LIGHT – the documentary film just released.

Directed, written, edited and produced by women.

We hope it will spark fresh dialogue, remove some stigma and offer solace to those who need it.

Male climbers suffer, as well. But are less willing to talk about it.

… reveals the hidden world of eating disorders in professional rock climbing as the filmmaker follows two best friends on their harrowing journey in a courageous narrative that breaks the silence about the sport’s darkest secret. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (46min)

Thanks Jeff.

Nathy Sanchez on Reality TV

2008 Olympian for Colombia, Nathalia Sanchez, is competing season 5 Exatlón Estados Unidos on Telemundo.

Broadcasts began January 26 , 2021.

Two teams of 12 athletes try to avoid elimination. 12 return from previous seasons. 12 are new, including Nathy who is TEAM RED.

She won her first crazy challenge — which includes climbing over a flaming car!

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Details. (Spanish)

Ana Porgras is on something similar.