Barbell Backflip

Watch Shai Ross, a Canadian Professional Football player, complete a backward salto with a barbell.

Ross said he did gymnastic growing up in Winnipeg.

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Shai is the same guy who did the Oreo dunk.

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SAVING handstand on Bars

I admire gymnasts who have the physical preparation and mental quickness to SAVE a handstand that ends up in reverse planche position.

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SHIFT online symposium

Shift Movement Science is offering a 3 day event June 10-12, 2022.

30 Speakers.
32 Gymnastics Lectures.

If you register, you’ll get all the notes and presentations 2 weeks in advance. And if you can’t attend LIVE, you can watch instead after the event.


Jessie Graff at the Emmys

You’ve seen Jessie on American Ninja Warrior.

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Jessie started as a “fearless” competitive gymnast in Maryland.

At 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) she moved on to Pole Vaulting.

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promoting older female gymnasts

Nick Blanton:

… of 259 female competitors in the 2019 WC’s, the average age was 19.93. Since the inception of the open-ended code in 2006, the average age of female competitors has risen from 18.2 years of age in the 2005 WC’s, to 19.93 in 2019. From this comparison, federations could strategize what age to peak their athletes in contemporary high-performance gymnastics.

To put it simply, programs should be strategizing on how to support older female athletes. …

That’s just one conclusion from Nick’s new paper.