Baseball’s hitting coaches are geeks

By the numbers: 19 of MLB’s 30 hitting coaches played less than 100 big league games, 13 never played in the majors and four never even played in the minors.

All but four were hired in September 2016 or later, proving just how much fresh blood has entered a once insular community of former batting champions….

Baseball’s hitting coaches go all in on tech and data

tumbling / Slinky analogy

I can go with this.

It’s similar to the ‘curvilinear action‘ still used in the Canadian coach education system. That was introduced by Gord Osbourne and Boris Verkhovsky back in the day. That version looks at the body more as a flexible rod … with a spring attached to either end.

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Shaposh variations on Bars

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Here’s the chart from the last Code.

No Turn Half Turn Full Turn
Clear Hip Shaposhnikova (D) Khorkina (E)
Toe-On Maloney (D) Van Leeuwen (E) Seitz (E)
Stalder Chow (D) Chow half (E)
Inbar Komova II (E) Komova (E)

You Asked, The Gymternet Answered

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Simone’s SET on Moors

Incredible. She could probably do triple twisting double layout.

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Look how much later Simone initiates the twist than others. It’s almost lay-in, double full out. She gets that technique from her Biles.