Lauren Hopkins on Nassar

A different perspective on how that con man fooled so many people for so long.

The first time I got a message from Larry Nassar, I felt honored. I was a college student just beginning what would eventually become a career writing about gymnastics. In the gym world, I was nobody. And the world-famous doctor for the U.S. women’s national gymnastics team wanted to talk to me?

… I am not a gymnast. Nassar never treated me, and every in-person exchange we shared was professional and friendly. I never wondered why he “chose” me to be his gossip buddy, but I loved all of the inside intel he gave me. And, like thousands of others, when I first heard about sexual abuse accusations against him, I thought, “Larry?! No way.” …

Larry Nassar Was A Master Manipulator, But He Didn’t Act Alone

Lauren is one of the experts being consulted by general media.

Russian Olympic ban

Though I feel badly for all the innocent athletes, coaches and support officials in Russia, a penalty this severe was necessary if anti-doping is to be enforced.

IT HAS taken seven investigative reports and seven years. But at long last the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided on December 5th to punish Russia for running a state-sponsored doping programme …

Russian athletes hoping to compete will have to do so carrying the Olympic flag and singing the Olympic anthem—if they can prove that they are clean. …

The decision is more embarrassing for Vitaly Mutko, Mr Putin’s deputy and the former minister for sport, who has been barred from the Olympics for life. Mr Mutko is also in charge of next year’s football World Cup, which Russia is hosting.  …

Economist – Russia’s overdue Olympic ban is no cure for anti-doping impotence

Russian denials, including those of Svetlana Khorkina, are mostly wrong.

Russia should quit state sponsored doping. Putin must give that order.

Photo: AFP

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Montreal 2017 Coaching Symposium

In conjunction with World Championships 2017 an excellent acrobatic sports symposium was hosted October 5-8th.

I wish coach education was a part of Worlds every year.

Merci beaucoup Guy Lavoie, principle organizer.

CA Guy Lavoie

Three streams to choose from: Sport Science & Health, Technical workshops and Gymnastics for All. 

Over coming weeks, I’ll be posting notes from the sessions I attended.

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Uchimura withdraws from #MTL2017GYM

One of 7 major injuries in just one subdivision of qualification. Or was it only 5 major injuries? 

Floor (Australia), Vault (Kohei),  H Bar (Spain, Romania) and Vault favourite Audrys Nin Reyes DOM. 😥

I’m depressed and angry.

Injured, Kohei Uchimura relinquishes All-around competition

“I feel very sorry for the people who came to support me,” Uchimura said, according to a translator. “I apologize to my teammates.”

Here are results after 3 of 4 subdivisions.

sprint training for Vault

The easiest way to improve a vault is to increase horizontal speed on contact with the Board.

I like this 2015 article by Valentin Uzunov because it links to videos.

Sprint Training for Vault – Off-season Training Program for 7-12yr old Gymnasts

Click PLAY or watch a sample from Valentin’s TheGymPress YouTube channel.

Thanks Carla.

sport science for coaches

Wayne Goldsmith:

In the sports science world things are based on facts, research, validity and reliability measures, measurement, accuracy and evidence.

In the coaching world the key focus areas are results, performance, communication, instinct and “feel” – the art of coaching. …

Keep jargon down to a minimum

Join the PAPPP – People Against Pointless PowerPoint Presentations

Keep background, historical information to a minimum

Don’t dumb down – coaches are not dumb

Ten Golden Rules for presenting sports science information to coaches.