eccentric strength training

An eccentric contraction is the motion of an active muscle while it is lengthening under load.  …

An eccentric contraction is one of the three distinct phases in the movement of muscles and tendons, the other two are an isometric contraction (no movement), and a concentric contraction (contracting). …

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That first drill is ideal for those cannot yet do chin-ups on their own.

Dave Tilley posted more on why he likes eccentric strength training.

sports gender gap USA age 15-19

Older teenage boys are still far more likely to be participating in sports daily. ☹️

Softball, Dance, Volleyball are a few of the activities more popular with girls. Gymnastics would rank with those, as well.

Those statistics come from a U.S. report – The Potential for Youth Sports to Improve Childhood Outcomes (PDF)

physique of Artistic female gymnasts

An analysis of 407 papers.

Most studies identified similar physiques based on: physical traits (small size and low body mass), a body type (predominance of ecto-mesomorphy), body composition (low fat mass), and maturity status (late skeletal maturity as well as late age-at-menarche).

However, there was no consensus as to whether these features predicted competitive performance, or even differentiated between gymnasts within distinctive competitive levels. …

The Physique of Elite Female Artistic Gymnasts: A Systematic Review (2017)

by Sarita Bacciotti, Adam Baxter-Jones, Adroaldo Gaya, and José Maia

USAG is guilty

I don’t see how you can conclude anything else after hearing about this cover-up.

… the Indianapolis Star reports that while USA Gymnastics was sorting out what to do with Nassar, it was simultaneous helping the doctor create a cover story for his absence.

After Nichols made her report, Nassar was removed from contact with the national team. …

Rather than go with the truth—namely, telling people that Nassar was under investigation for child sexual abuse—or simply saying nothing at all, USA Gymnastics agreed to help Nassar offer a respectable excuse for his absence at gymnastics events in 2015. …

Report: USA Gymnastics Helped Cover For Larry Nassar’s Absences During Investigation


animated humanoids self-taught Gymnastics

You can tell they are self-taught. 😀

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… Learning from scratch, and with limited human intervention, the digital characters learned how to kick, jump, and flip their way to success. What’s more, they even learned how to interact with objects in their environment, such as barriers placed in their way or objects hurled directly at them.

Gizmodo – After Millions of Trials, These Simulated Humans Learned to Do Perfect Backflips and Cartwheels

METH: Movement, Elevation, Traction, Heat


Which is better for your athletes?

Agressive treatment for minor injuries like ankle strains is not new. I recall our physiotherapist at University of Saskatchewan walking athletes immediately on ankle sprains as one method for faster recovery. That was in the 1990s.

Coaches without medical training should defer to their most trusted experts on this issue.

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is a term that is synonymous with treating athletic injuries. Ice has been the gold standard for injuries and sore muscles since Dr. Mirkin coined it in 1978 from his sports medicine book. …

Ice will control the pain from injury, that relief only lasts between 20-30 minutes. There are many other things that we can do to control pain and not impede the healing process. The research is now saying that if you delay or inhibit inflammation, you will also delay your healing. …

Gabe Mirkin himself has changed his opinion:

On March 16, 2014, he wrote “Coaches have used my ‘RICE’ guideline for decades, but now it appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing, instead of helping.

Ice is very effective for reducing pain for 20-30 minutes. And it’s still recommended for other purposes:

What about Ice baths and in between tournaments?

The evidence seems to support use for ice in this instance.

related – Another RICE alternative: MEAT (Movement, Exercise, Analgesics and Treatments).

Thanks John.

Lauren Hopkins on Nassar

A different perspective on how that con man fooled so many people for so long.

The first time I got a message from Larry Nassar, I felt honored. I was a college student just beginning what would eventually become a career writing about gymnastics. In the gym world, I was nobody. And the world-famous doctor for the U.S. women’s national gymnastics team wanted to talk to me?

… I am not a gymnast. Nassar never treated me, and every in-person exchange we shared was professional and friendly. I never wondered why he “chose” me to be his gossip buddy, but I loved all of the inside intel he gave me. And, like thousands of others, when I first heard about sexual abuse accusations against him, I thought, “Larry?! No way.” …

Larry Nassar Was A Master Manipulator, But He Didn’t Act Alone

Lauren is one of the experts being consulted by general media.

Russian Olympic ban

Though I feel badly for all the innocent athletes, coaches and support officials in Russia, a penalty this severe was necessary if anti-doping is to be enforced.

IT HAS taken seven investigative reports and seven years. But at long last the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided on December 5th to punish Russia for running a state-sponsored doping programme …

Russian athletes hoping to compete will have to do so carrying the Olympic flag and singing the Olympic anthem—if they can prove that they are clean. …

The decision is more embarrassing for Vitaly Mutko, Mr Putin’s deputy and the former minister for sport, who has been barred from the Olympics for life. Mr Mutko is also in charge of next year’s football World Cup, which Russia is hosting.  …

Economist – Russia’s overdue Olympic ban is no cure for anti-doping impotence

Russian denials, including those of Svetlana Khorkina, are mostly wrong.

Russia should quit state sponsored doping. Putin must give that order.

Photo: AFP

related – Guardian – Of course Russian sport is corrupt, but then so are the Olympics

Montreal 2017 Coaching Symposium

In conjunction with World Championships 2017 an excellent acrobatic sports symposium was hosted October 5-8th.

I wish coach education was a part of Worlds every year.

Merci beaucoup Guy Lavoie, principle organizer.

CA Guy Lavoie

Three streams to choose from: Sport Science & Health, Technical workshops and Gymnastics for All. 

Over coming weeks, I’ll be posting notes from the sessions I attended.

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