SUN Wei at American Cup

SUN Wei (born 1995) competed American Cup for China. And hit 6/6 for 87.655.

If you love beautiful form and line, watch all 6 of his routines. He’s happiest about Vault. Ring strength is not there yet for a top AA gymnast.

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The highlight for me is his double layout on Floor. An ideal model of that skill. 🙂

UNDER ARMOUR Gymnastics ad – millions of views


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Of course the tag line “It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light.” is stupid. 😦

… The brand is changing its media mix from 70% TV and 30% digital to 50%-50%. …

Under Armour in 2013 inked an eight-year deal to provide apparel, footwear and accessories for USA Gymnastics, marking the brand’s first sponsorship of a national governing body for a summer Olympic sport.

Under Armour Features Soccer, Gymnastics and Social Media in Global Push

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L’International Gymnix Sr Cup

Gymnix results for Sunday are up.

Gymnastics Canada on the Senior Cup:

Shallon Olsen of Coquitlam, B.C., and Meixi Semple of Whitby, Ont., led the way for the Canadian team with gold medals on vault and beam respectively in the Senior Cup finals. …

Other gold medal winners in the Senior Cup were Nina Derwaei of Belgium on uneven bars and Axelle Klinckaert of Belgium on floor. …



Alexandra Leask Sr photos

full results

NUSH – Perfect 10 Beam

No arguments from this judge. 🙂

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If UCLA could only get all their star power healthy and hitting at the same time, they could finish high at Championships this year.

Stanford defeated them in this meet.

Gabby’s incorrect Bars D-score

At American Cup Gabby was awarded 6.5 D-score in the official results.

On Papa Liukin I saw a comment from A Houstonian GymNerd:

While this would have been correct with her intended routine, she inserted a stalder between her Endo ½ and the Shap ½, thus taking away 0.1 CV.

In-bar full (E)-piked tkatchev (E)-Pak(D) 0.3CV
In-bar ½ (D)-Endo ½ (D)-Stalder ©-Chow ½ (E) 0.1 CV
In-bar (D)
Eight elements: DDDDDEEE = 3.5
CV = 0.4
EGR = 2.5

D-score = 6.4

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… who can forget Gabby receiving credit for an Amanar when she didn’t even do one?

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Papa Liukin

Judges at the 2012 Pacific Rim called that Vault an Amanar. The worst judging I can recall in many, many years. There was no correction. No reprimand to the judges. 😦