Jr International Gymnix

One of the best Junior competitions in the world, USA dominated in 2016.

1. Team USA
2. Team Russia
3. Team Canada

1. Gabby Perea (USA)
2. Deanne Soza (USA)
3. Emma Malabuyo (USA)

No 2 / nation rule here.


Host Team Canada on the podium. 🙂

Lauren LIVE blogged the FloGymnastics video feed.

Kato, Douglas American Cup Champions

1. Douglas USA 60.165
2. Nichols USA 59.699
3. Black CAN 57.132

1. Kato JPN 88.931
2. Whittenburg USA 88.565
3. Wei Sun CHN 87.665

full results

Nick Zaccardi:

Just like four years ago, Gabby Douglas posted the highest all-around score at the American Cup. There was just one significant difference on Saturday.

“My scores counted!” Douglas said.


Lauren was there. Here’s her LIVE commentary.

Ryohei is the first Japanese man to win this meet since Tsukahara the 1st did so in 1977.

Personally I don’t like meets with so few competitors. When things go badly, as they did today, fans start to ask … “What’s the point?”

Marta says Gabby performs best under pressure. Our Olympic Champion has never looked better on Beam.

Click PLAY or watch Gabby’s Beam on YouTube.

Yes. That’s a “Thing Leap” not a “Ring Leap”. 🙂

Click PLAY or watch Kato’s FX on YouTube.

Sam eats 5 times a day

Interesting interviews.

I eat five times a day, smaller meals, balancing my protein to carbs. Spacing my diet with what I have to do for one day that might be a lot of routines. I’ll eat more for that morning. It’s very detailed. …

Catching up with USA gymnasts Sam Mikulak, Donnell Whittenburg


I’m watching them compete on the AT&T American Cup – International Feed. Sam’s not quite back 100% from his Achilles injury.

new address for The Gym Digest


Here’s a sample post:

In the senior division, which was one of the toughest competitions ever, it was ‘Year of North Stars’ with first year senior Rachael Lukacs clinching the title, just 0.075 points clear of teammate Missy Reinstadtler. Rounding out the senior competition, Stanford commit and former elite Rachael Flam took bronze only a full tenth behind Lukacs …

2016 Nastia Liukin Cup

Results are listed alongside intended NCAA College teams.

Ashley Umberger

Bridget Sloan 10.0 Beam

A 10.0 from Florida’s Bridget Sloan finished a solid road performance for the Gators Friday in front of 6,660 at the University of Kentucky Memorial Coliseum. The Florida gymnastics team took a 197.525 – 196.65 win …

Sloan now has seven perfect marks in her collegiate career (three beam, two bars, one vault, floor), making her the Gators’ career leader for 10.0s. …

It is Florida Senior Day and the careers of Gators Bridgette Caquatto, Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto, Morgan Frazier and Bridget Sloan will be celebrated in a post-meet ceremony.

Gator Country

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.