Saskatchewan’s Gymnaestrada routine

Bringing Truth and Reconciliation to sport.

Canada is a terrific nation. But our greatest crime has been how the First Nations have been treated.

We can do much, much better.

This team will be sharing their message with the world at Gymnaestrada Amsterdam 2023.

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Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

I love it.

Men’s rhythmic gymnastics (MRG) is a sport invented in Japan nearly 70 years ago that combines calisthenics and elements of Swedish, German, and Danish gymnastics …

MRG was made an official event at the National Sports Festival held in 1947, and the All-Japan Intercollegiate Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships started in 1949 (All-Japan Inter-High Championships were introduced in 1952).

There are two variations of MRG, individual (where gymnasts perform solo with one of four apparatus) and team, which focuses on tumbling, flexibility, balance, and synchronization.

Today there are nearly 2,000 men’s rhythmic gymnasts active in Japan, from junior clubs with students as young as five up through top universities like Aomori, Hanazono, Kokushikan, and others

Made in Japan: Men’s rhythmic gymnastics

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Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group – THE REFUGE

The Austrian Zurcaroh Acrobatic Group was founded in 2009 by Brazilian Peterson da Cruz Hora.

Dance and Acrobatic Gymnastics.

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If you like that, watch a performances from the FIG Gala Helsinki – World Gymnaestrada 2015.

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Maile O’Keefe interview

Excelle Sports: What do you feel is your biggest strength right now? What do you feel that you need to improve on?

Maile O’Keefe: My biggest strength right now is beam only because I have a lot of difficulty and I’m pretty consistent on that event. Even though I improved a little bit on bars, I really feel my bars could use a little bit more work and a little bit more difficulty and consistency. …

Excelle Sports: Who is your gymnastics role model and why?

Maile O’Keefe: I really look up to Laurie Hernandez. She’s so happy and so bubbly. She does so well on the competition floor. I really have a role model in the gym too. One of my teammates, Olivia, she really helps me through the tough times and I help her. We just get each other.

Maile O’Keefe reflects on becoming the junior national champion

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FIG Olympic Gala today

Recall that London did not present a 2012 Olympic Gala. It’s back. And looks great. Many Worlds and Olympic medalists will be performing.

See the biggest stars from the 2016 Rio Games and World Championships from all Gymnastics disciplines put on a show at the Olympic Gymnastics gala August 17 at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Click here to find the programme.


Capture GALA1

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Western Canadian Gymnastics Championships

Westerns this year are being held in conjunction with two other major events. May 5-8th.

BC Gymnaestrada and the Delta Invitational.

3 events

Over 1800 participants hosted at the Olympic Oval in Vancouver.

That’s almost certainly the biggest Gymnastics event ever hosted in Canada. 🙂 Fans can pay one admission price and see all 3 events. Cool.

UPDATE – Gymnaestrada tickets are sold out. 


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