Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

I love it.

Men’s rhythmic gymnastics (MRG) is a sport invented in Japan nearly 70 years ago that combines calisthenics and elements of Swedish, German, and Danish gymnastics …

MRG was made an official event at the National Sports Festival held in 1947, and the All-Japan Intercollegiate Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships started in 1949 (All-Japan Inter-High Championships were introduced in 1952).

There are two variations of MRG, individual (where gymnasts perform solo with one of four apparatus) and team, which focuses on tumbling, flexibility, balance, and synchronization.

Today there are nearly 2,000 men’s rhythmic gymnasts active in Japan, from junior clubs with students as young as five up through top universities like Aomori, Hanazono, Kokushikan, and others

Made in Japan: Men’s rhythmic gymnastics

Click PLAY or watch a competition performance on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch an entertainment performance on YouTube.

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