#StandingDoubleBack day

#HandstandDay was very successful this week. Nadia showed hers, for example.

Let’s keep it going with #StandingDoubleBack day. 😀

Aaron Cook. Kick it off.

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Stacey Ervin?

new charity – sponsor an athlete

For example, Zandri from South Africa.

To see athletes looking for help click over to the Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Dance Foundation page:


Click the SPONSOR A CHILD link at the top right of the page.

That site is still in development.

At launch kids from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kosovo, India, Egypt, and South Africa are looking for help. There are many in the database already.  In exchange for your sponsorship, the child will write to you (or send videos online) and form a pen-pal relationship. There is only one sponsor per child. It costs $39 $20 / month.

Alan Owen has been working for years putting together this charity.

If you have questions — as you should with any charity — email them.

(via The Couch Gymnast News Page)

Gymnastics Australia drops Cheer

At its meeting on December 12, 2017, the Gymnastics Australia (GA) Board decided to cease to be the national governing body of Cheerleading in Australia. …

GA will continue to manage the logistics of the Australian Team selected to participate in the 2018 World CL Championships in Orlando, USA in April. …

Gymnastics Australia

I found it surprising when GA first added competitive Cheerleading. It started as a business in North America.

Seems a good decision, to me.

Coach Sue Sylvester


National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association

The new NCAA College sport is growing.

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The vision of the National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association is to provide leadership and governance for the sport of women’s acrobatics and tumbling at the collegiate level based on fair and safe competition while continuing to expand opportunities for female collegiate athletes. Acrobatics and Tumbling is an all-female collegiate sport.

Ariel Olivar’s ‘Invisible Box’ stunt

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Click through to watch some failsCheerleader’s ‘Invisible Box’ stunt leaves everyone really confused but eager to try

Mee Sports apparel

Welcome Mee Sports, a Canadian company that has supplied me and my teams with uniforms many times over the years.

Mee has come on as an advertiser. We appreciate their support of Gymnastics Coaching.

For 30 years MEE Sports has been creating custom Team wear for Gymnastics clubs in Canada and the United States. Look good and feel great in our custom made gymnastics jackets, tracksuits, warm ups, tanktops, sports bras, capris and leggings.

With our sublimation technology we can incorporate any color, pattern design or logo into your one of a kind team sportswear product. That means that with MEE Sports anything is possible when it comes to design. Work with our talented design team to create an awesome unique jacket, tracksuit or team wear piece for your Gymnastics Club.

Check it out at — MeeSports.com