Gymnastics – head balances

Here’s a sample of my 180 Recreation Fitness Games & Activities videos posted online free by Tumbl Trak.

The ability to balance on the TOP of your head is an important skill. Here’s one series of progressions from beginner to advanced.

Do NOT allow any child to balance on their forehead. The neck is vulnerable in that position.

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See ALL the Games posted so far on the Tumbl Trak Fitness Games YouTube channel.

Gymnastics NINJA obstacle course

Cutting Edge Gymnastics in Michigan has greatly expanded their boys programs with parkour training. Motor and Physical fitness is the goal, not necessarily specific skills.

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Ninja course

That video was produced by Doug Davis at Heart Tech Plus. The goal is to monitor heart rate and other variables while kids “play“.

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only 7000 gymnasts in China

Canadian coach Liang Cheng is taking western style Gymnastics back to China. He set up his first club in 2012. And Inspire Sports is expanding.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. English language instruction.

Some in China feel mass participation clubs are needed.

Wang Tongjie, director of gymnastics at China’s General Administration of Sport:

… There are only 7,000 registered Chinese gymnasts, Wang said. The United States — with a population only one-fourth of China’s — has nearly 150,000 competing gymnasts at all levels. …

Team China is covered for now.

The future is not so certain.

“What we have is about to become broken, but the new system is yet to be established,” Ye said. He points to a former powerhouse that failed to qualify for Rio as a team this year as a tale of caution. “If we don’t change, we will be like Romania.” …

In China, ‘Happy Gymnastics’ replaces grind of strict study

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Gymnastics Ontario Congress, Aug 26-27

G.O. has 24 speakers lined up this year, including myself. I’ll be presenting in both REC and MAG streams.

NICK BLANTON, PAULA JOHNSON, ANNE JOSEPHSON, DENIS VACHON and CRAIG SMITH are a few of the other names you may know.

If interested, check the 2-day schedule.

Coaching Congress

Gymnastics and the vestibular system

I find that most coaches don’t know much about the vestibular system even though it’s critical to success in acrobatics sports.

Here’s the second video in Tumbl Trak’s special needs series on training the vestibular system.

… vestibular system … the sensory system that provides the leading contribution about the sense of balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement with balance. …

The brain uses information from the vestibular system in the head and from proprioception throughout the body to understand the body’s dynamics and kinematics (including its position and acceleration) from moment to moment. …

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coach Rec Gymnastics in China

Inspire Sports in China has 4 gyms now and is looking to hire more foreign coaches. The language of instruction is English taught alongside Chinese teaching assistants.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-78274" src="; alt="Inspire Sports ChiF

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Experience China.

Any interested applicants please contact Liang Cheng.

Tel: 1-780-885-5223

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Fitness Games and Activities

by site editor Rick McCharles

Inspired by the work of Gymnastics coach educator Keith Russell from Canada, we videotaped over 170 of the best games and activities for Recreational kids.

Most require no special equipment. The GOAL is to improve MOTOR and PHYSICAL FITNESS using your own body weight … while having FUN. 🙂

We feel this will be the best Gymnastics Games resource available online.

Tumbl Trak sponsored the videos. You can find them on the Tumbl Trak YouTube channel.

The first 22 – ORGANIZING kids – were just published. Click PLAY or watch those on YouTube.

More will be launched each month.

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Winter Adult Gymnastics Camp: Review

January 16-18, otherwise known as Martin Luther King weekend, was the time, and Atlantic Gymnastics was the place. The 2016 Winter Adult Gymnastics Camp was a smashing success. …

Tony Retrosi, the owner of Atlantic gymnastics, was in the house. We had several guest coaches including James Parent of TumblTrak who specializes in coaching clinics and Liz O’Neil from Off the Wall Gymnastics in Plaistow NH. The camp was directed by Gina Paulhus, an Atlantic Gymnastics gymnast and Ladies AAU adult gymnastics competitor. …

2016 Winter Adult Gymnastics Camp: Review


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