Australian Ninja Warrior is a HIT

Australian Ninja Warrior  … premiered on 9 July 2017.

Nine Network will bring back its smash hit program Australian Ninja Warrior for an expanded second season and possibly for some international specials, Media has learnt.  …

Its ratings, ranging from 1.68 million to 1.47 million over three nights, surprised everyone …


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Jessie Graff – ‘American Ninja Warrior’


Jessie is a Goddess of upper body strength.

Jessie Graff has made American Ninja Warrior history as the first woman to defeat Stage Two of the USA vs. the World Competition. And that’s after she already made history as the first woman to ever compete in the competition period. Representing team USA, Jessie completely crushes …


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FIG’s first Parkour competition

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It sounds like Parkour founder David Belle is on board with the the new FIG discipline.

But the British Parkour body accuses FIG of encroachment.

Personally I’ve got no problem with more obstacle course competitions. They are cool.

But I’m worried our other disciplines will feel neglected: Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, Double-mini, etc.

Jessie Graff crushes Ninja Warrior

After taking circus classes at age 6 and performing in her basement for neighbors, Graff started catching other kids on the flying trapeze when she was only 12.

“The rule was I wasn’t allowed to catch anyone who outweighed me by more than 20 pounds,” she says.

After that, she did competitive gymnastics for 6 years, pole vaulted through high school and college, and earned black belts in Taekwondo and Kung Fu since then.

Now that she’s a stuntwoman who does everything from tumbling on Make It or Break It, to trampolining on Another Period and “anything on rooftops, sides of buildings or bridges, dramatic wipeouts,” she says she’s constantly learning from fellow stunt people who specialize in areas different from her own. …

How ‘Supergirl’ stuntwoman Jessie Graff just made ‘Ninja Warrior’ history

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