Jessie Graff at the Emmys

You’ve seen Jessie on American Ninja Warrior.

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Jessie started as a “fearless” competitive gymnast in Maryland.

At 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) she moved on to Pole Vaulting.

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former gymnast Rea Kolbl crushed Eco-Challenge Fiji

Rea Kolbl competed for Slovenia until age-17.

Now age-27, she’s is a professional Obstacle Course Racer.

With no Adventure Racing Experience, Rea was asked to join Team Canada Adventure for the Eco-Challenge Fiji race now airing on Netflix.

First time in a major AR, Rea is already one of the top competitors.  #respect

A great athlete. Sure.  But Rea also has bachelor’s degrees in physics and astrophysics at Cal. And a master’s degree in science and engineering from Stanford.

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335 NinjaZone locations around the world

Casey Wright wanted to boost the number of boys in her gymnastics program.

“We then had three gyms with three classes (total) with only 10 boys,” she said. … Originally, it was a way to re-brand and re-market a gymnastics-like program for boys.

So she developed NinjaZone.

“It took off with the popularity of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and emergence of parkour … Ten boys (in the program) went to 365 kids in six months

NinjaZone helps spur growth of gymnastics among boys


Air Floors for obstacle courses

I was recently using an Air Floor Pro in Bermuda for Parkour.

Then Tumbl Trak posted this training tip. 😊

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