coaching week in the U.K.

The inaugural Coaching Week (4-10 June) is a week-long celebration of #GreatCoaching …

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USA Competitions next season

USA Competitions is a sponsor of this site. See if any of their meets fit your calendar for next season.


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Changing Gymnastics Culture – a review

I just finished my first skim of Dave Tilley’s new book, more than 450 pages.

Something for every coach: sports medicine, injury prevention, conditioning, ethics, …

I’ll be going back through and excerpting some of my favourite sections.

Dave was partly inspired to put his ideas together by the Nassar crimes. He sensed “outdated training methods and a toxic culture can foster abusive practices” in Gym … making it possible for a pedophile to go undetected for decades.

Coaches spent inordinate amounts of time with young children and parents place complete trust in them. Young athletes are taught that their dreams may depend on the approval of a famous trainer or coach. They are also programmed to believe that obeying orders given, without question, is the only path to achieve their dreams.

Together, these truths about certain areas of our sport, while not necessarily inherently malicious in nature, certainly open to the door to abuse and mistreatment of young athletes. …

I certainly recommend you download and check it out for yourself.

Dave’s made his book free. Click through to download.

The book is 3 PDFs.

In addition are two resources: Myofascial Release Checklist and a Splits Complex.

7th Bermuda International Gymnastics Challenge

March 16th – 18th, 2018

  • USAIGC qualifier
  • USAG Girls Invitational
  • USAG Boys Invitational

$125 Registration Deadline  January 15th, 2018 or until meet is full. Early Bird registration 10% discount before November 30th, 2017.

Official hotel is Grotto Bay Resort. Special meet rate $125 per night, a real bargain.

Bermuda is a short flight from east coast USA.

Download a .zip file with details:


Or email igcBermuda (a) with questions.

Tumbl Trak Orbiter

Have you used this piece of equipment?

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Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


Airtrack Factory sells something similar they call the AIRROLL.

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I do like these air barrels, but they can be dangerous for kids when they roll away unexpectedly.

Thanks Aileen.