British Jr men win again

There’s a reason GBR is now consistently a Senior team medal contender. Their Juniors have been awesome for a long time. And there are more to come.

Junior men claim fifth straight European title

UEG – Great Britain outshines rivals Russia.

1. GBR 253.436
2. RUS 252.061
3. SUI 249.959
4. FRA 248.562
5. GER 243.094
6. ITA 242.084

full results

AA leaders in prelims:

1. Giarnni Regini-Moran (GBR) 85.964
2. Andrei Makolov (RUS) 85.798
3. Henji Mboyo (SUI) 84.164
4. Joe Fraser (GBR) 84.140
5. Samir Serhani (SUI) 82.997
6. Kevin Carvalho (FRA) 82,398

Congratulations Rhys McCLENAGHAN, the first Irish Junior to qualify to AA and Pommel Finals.

via Gymternet Clan

The New Yorker – Simone Biles

It’s the Olympic year. All sorts of people suddenly get interested in Gymnastics.

Reeves Wiedeman published a long, rambling but very well researched article in the New Yorker.

… “She’s great eighty-five per cent of the time,” Boorman told me. “She is also fifteen per cent teen-age girl.” …


In the run-up to the Olympics, Simone Biles is transforming gymnastics.