CRAZY idea – teach Pak before Flyaway

Has anyone ever done this?

Most WAG coaches probably don’t have this option due to competition requirements on Bars …

… but I’d love to try a generation who trained Pak first, simultaneously with forward Flyaway.

I’d delay teaching backwards Flyaway as long as possible.

related – Jeff Pauliuk once started teaching a group of pre-comp girls Blind Change before Giant backward. They could see where they were going.

It was working well, I thought, but Jeff left the group after one year.

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2 thoughts on “CRAZY idea – teach Pak before Flyaway”

  1. I like to train concepts over skills, body shapes over levels. Example, I’ve taught girls back extension rolls to handstand on floor, and at the same time giants on the low bar as well as giants on the PB…in the same day (yes, girls doing Parallel Bar giants). I’ve taught front handspring on vault and at the same time teach a front layout on floor and inlocates on rings. Same shapes different places. I have also taught Pac at the same time as fly away. Like many other coaches, I remove the low bar, and build up mats the the same height as the low bar. It seems to make the girls feel better because instead of flipping toward a bar or in the case of a flyaway empty air, they are flipping to something closer to their height and proximity. Drawbacks are the excessive arch, and the lack of vertical rise. To learn a pak initially however, I teach it from a bent knee swing on the low bar and Pak to the floor with a spot. Easier to learn and spot, plus it is a great way to warm them up at a meet.


    1. I must have been one of those kids, because I teach front layouts first, and straight arm back extension as basics. All my girls do p-bars and rings!


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