Kenzo – forward 1/1 to 3 1/2

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crazy acrobatics compilation

Greg Roe:

A compilation of worlds best trampoline , gymnastics , tumbling , parkour , freerunning , blobbing , bmx , skateboarding , skiing , snowboarding , skydiving from athletes around the world who are talented and amazing at what they do. My favourites that have been submitted to me from my facebook fanpage or instagram.

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introducing forward twisting

I always start beginners from forward piked salto. As does trampoline coaching legend George Hery.

This way they get a foundation of “late twisting”. And it helps avoid the dread Barani Confusion.

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confusion about twisting

Larry Gleason knows that many coaches are confused on two points:

  • a cartwheel initiated with the RIGHT foot forward and the RIGHT hand down first is actually considered a LEFT twisting skill

Watch the left shoulder move backwards.

  • the barani should be taught as a front somersault with a late twist

This one is getting widely understood. It is hard to find a coach anywhere who teaches early twisting.

If you are clear on those two points, good on you. 🙂

If not, check my article on Tramp – Barani Confusion