USA Trampoline Championships 2017

1. Jeffrey Gluckstein, Atlantic Highslands, N.J., 168.735
2. Stewart Pritchard, Greensboro, N.C., 161.090
3. Paul Bretscher, Huntsville, Ala., 158.290

1. Nicole Ahsinger, Lafayette, La., 154.020
2. Clare Johnson, Huntsville, Ala., 149.420
3. Hally Piontek, Warrensburg, Mo., 148.275

Trampoline Athletes of the Year: Nicole Ahsinger and Jeffrey Glickstein

Milton B. Davis and George Nissen Trampoline Coach of the Year: Steven Glickstein

Tumbling – Men
1. Austin Nacey, Braidwood, Ill., 145.400
2. Brandon Krzynefski, Centreville, Va., 141.300
3. Emilio Lehmer, Tempe, Ariz., 134.400

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Tumbling – Women
1. Rachel Thevenot, Metairie, La., 131.500
2. Melissa Doucette, Somersworth, N.H., 126.700
3. Breanne Millard, Rsm, Calif., 126.400

Tumbling Athlete of the Year: Breanne Millard

James A Rozanas Tumbling Coach of the Year: Jared Olsen

Double mini – Men
1. Alex Renkert, Columbus, Ohio, 148.700
2. Austin Nacey, Braidwood, Ill., 147.700
3. Trey Katz, Charleston, Ill., 145.700

Double mini – Women
1. Paige Howard, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., 137.700
2. Tristan Van Natta, Plain City, Ohio, 135.900
3. Hally Piontek, Warrensburg, Mo., 134.700

Double mini-trampoline Athlete of the Year: Paige Howard

Bob Bollinger Double-mini Coach of the Year: Austin White

Gluckstein tallied a 168.735 to win his fourth senior U.S. trampoline crown. …

Ahsinger scored a 154.020 to clinch her first senior women’s U.S. trampoline title …


USA Gymnastics: June 29 - Eliite Competition Day 1 &emdash;

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Melissa Doucette – Power Tumbler

Melissa is competing this weekend at the U.S. Championships in Milwaukee.

Doucette got her start in gymnastics at age 5, competing until she was 12 when she suffered a serious shoulder injury.

“I quit gymnastics and found diving,” she said. …

“Diving was fun,” Doucette said. “But it didn’t give me the same pleasure that gymnastics did. It was my first love. I found my way back.”

She returned … and eventually earned an athletic scholarship to Alaska. …

Doucette excelling at her new sport

related – Sept 2016 interview – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Doucette Keeps the Dream Alive

FIG’s first Parkour competition

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It sounds like Parkour founder David Belle is on board with the the new FIG discipline.

But the British Parkour body accuses FIG of encroachment.

Personally I’ve got no problem with more obstacle course competitions. They are cool.

But I’m worried our other disciplines will feel neglected: Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, Double-mini, etc.

coach Denis Vachon and Emily Smith


Emily Smith retired from power tumbling in November 2014 after her 8th World Championship appearance. Yes, this post is extremely overdue however it took me 2.5 years to fully appreciate what she did for the Canadian tumbling world as well as her contribution to my career, personal development and sport life. …

Emily Smith – our amazing journey

Emily’s sport accomplishments include:

2-time World Games medalist
3-time World Championship finalist
World Team medalist
7-time World Cup medalist
Canadian Difficulty Record holder

via Fans of Canadian Gymnastics

FIG Trampoline Gymnastics Age Group Programme

The second and third introduction camps for the FIG Trampoline Age Group Development and Competition Programme were held simultaneously on two continents on April 3 – 5, 2017. One was hosted by South Africa for the countries in that region and another in Argentina for the countries of South America. …

Over the past year, the FIG developed an Age Group Development and Competition Programme for Trampoline Gymnastics and is beginning to introduce it in training sessions around the world.

The purpose of the programme is to bring a progressive and systematic programme to the many member federations that have not much experience with this discipline to assure that they teach their gymnasts correctly and safely from the beginning …

FIG introduces Trampoline Age Group Programme on two continents

World Games 2017 in Poland


The World Games 2017, officially known as the X World Games, is a multi-sport event scheduled for Wroclaw, Poland from July 20 – July 30, 2017 with 27 official sports and 4 invitational sports.

The Olympic Channel is available worldwide via mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and at …


quad twisting double layout

ChrisChang @chrischang0626 from China.

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