Oklahoma celebration video

I’m thinking somebody in Norman is upping the social media.

This is outrageous. And well done.

Gymnastics ROV – Risk, Originality & Virtuosity

If you are old enough 😀 to still use Facebook, check out a page being posted by Dave Lease of The Skating Lesson:

Gymnastics ROV – Risk, Originality & Virtuosity

Facebook sucks, as you know.

For many months they’ve disallowed embedding of content so I no longer link often to that site.

talking about the ‘gymternet’

Fans are Fanatics.

We once had to rely on “mainstream media” to cover Gymnastics.

A few TV channels. International Gymnast magazine.

Sports Illustrated … every 4 years.

The situation for fans (and coaches) is much better today.

YOU and anyone online can post your own opinions the sport at no cost. And you might find an audience.

I recall when non-gymnast Spencer Barnes launched The Balance Beam Situation.

Instantly it was my #1 source of information on NCAA Gymnastics.

On the down side, every #hater, #troll and #bully can get online, as well.

Check an AP (mainstream media) article:

The ‘gymternet’: gymnastics’ devoted, sometimes toxic fans

GymCastic’s Jessica O’Beirne interviews Mandy Mohamed in Tokyo


Many College Gymnastics coaches are sharing a message on Twitter.

And asking 5 others to join them.

A few examples:



Gymnastics Now … an all-inclusive news source, where fans and athletes alike can come to get the latest breaking news, feature stories, live meet coverage, and more.

Gymnastics Now covers the top male and female athletes of the sport, striving for comprehensive news coverage of all. From Sam Mikulak to Simone Biles, from Oklahoma’s Maggie Nichols to Minnesota’s Shane Wiskus, from Russia’s Artur Dalaloyan to France’s Melanie De Jesus dos Santos–and beyond.

Gymnastics Now also wants to celebrate its followers–building a community along the way–through giveaways, contests, and more. Make sure to follow us on social and join our email list, so you never have FOMO.


Gymnastics and negative social media

some FANS are FANatics.

Fans experience euphoria during moments when play is going well for their team, and stress when play is going against their team. This tension between the two emotions generates an unusual sense of pleasure or heightened sensations. …

The more fans a sport has, the greater the number of haters, people who mostly participate in negative ways.

The sport of Figure Skating, I believe, has more haters than Gymnastics. Hiking far fewer. 

We have a lot of young athletes, so it’s even more important to protect. 

Best strategy is to BLOCK trolls when you first encounter them. Don’t engage — that’s what they want. Live in a social media bubble of people you like and respect. Ask your athletes to do the same.

When I think of FANatics I recall the 1996 film where Robert De Niro (the fan) is obsessed with baseball player Wesley Snipes.

Fandom to the extreme.

Click PLAY or watch the trailer on YouTube.

Nile Wilson’s new podcast

Nile’s one of the most popular Gymnastic vloggers. Some of his videos have more than a million views.

NEW in July was adding an audiocast. His co-host is father Neil so the parent’s perspective is well represented.

Episode 5 is a good interview with Nick Ruddock. Listen online or subscribe via iTunes.