Gym Club customer service

In this episode, Nick and his business expert consultant Julie Berry talk about how owners and managers can acquire, communicate with and keep customers.

EP050 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Kat Driscoll Gymnastics Growth Show

Welcome to the Gymnastics Growth Show podcast, brought to you by Nick Ruddock, a performance Gymnastics Coach and consultant to international gymnastics teams and professional sports clubs. In this podcast, Nick and his special guests share the strategies and tactics used to optimise athlete and coach performance from grass roots to gold standard. Tackling all things gymnastics and performance sport, from physical preparation and psychology, to nutrition and lifestyle, this podcast is a must for any gymnastics coach serious about improving results and furthering their expertise.
  1. EP050 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Kat Driscoll
  2. EP049 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Julie Berry
  3. EP048 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and John Orozco
  4. EP047 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Cecile Landi
  5. EP046 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock with Brett Wargo & Sarah Korngold

Leah Clapper’s new podcast

Leah is currently competing for Florida. But found the time during the pandemic to launch her own audiocast. #respect

Introduction was posted Dec 15, 2020.

The most recent episode is an interview with Trinity before the first meet.


Gabby Wilson | Competing With Gratitude Zest and Progress

University of Michigan gymnast Gabby Wilson sits down to recap the (crazy!) 2021 season and how it felt to win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with her teammates. On top of being a stellar all-around gymnast and the 2021 Big10 floor champion, Gabby has so much positivity and wisdom to share with athletes everywhere. We chat motivation, the gymternet, the importance of knowing yourself, and so much more. CONNECT on Instagram @gabb5y @leahclapper5 YOUTUBE: The Gablife
  1. Gabby Wilson | Competing With Gratitude
  2. Ellie Lazzari | Creating Confidence
  3. Alyssa Baumann | Persistence Pays Off
  4. Maximizing Performance Through Nutrition | Blaire Wolski, MS RD LD
  5. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf | Chomping Challenges with Faith and Confidence

Winter Beach Blast 2021

A BIG competition is scheduled for Jan 14-17 in Galveston.

4 days MAG & WAG.

The highlight will be the Men’s Sr Elite competition: Yul Moldauer, Marvin Kimble, Allan Bower, Sam Zakutney, Colin Van Wichlen, Donnell Whittenburg and many more.

Meet director Jerit Pogue was interviewed on the gymnasticsville podcast about the meet and the future of American men’s gymnastics.

A professional series of competitions is needed in future — something like the German Bundesliga. Top gymnasts there can earn as much as $30,000 for the season plus expenses.

Gym Nerd School

GymCastic launched yet another new initiative.

Episode #450 is the first of a series called Gym Nerd School 101.

Based on fan questions, Spencer and Jessica do some Gym’splainin

  • What does it mean to be an “elite”?
  • Code of Points, leotard rules, and named skills.
  • Why don’t they use the 10 anymore?
  • Why are leaps named for animals, how do I tell them apart, and no really WHYYYYYY?
  • How do I tell the difference between a split leap full and a switch leap full?
  • How do I tell the difference between those one-arm pirouettes—the Ono, Healy, and Ling?

They discuss a number of videos which you can watch LIVE ON TAPE.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Australia – Gymnastics Victoria podcast

This is a good podcast for Club administrators. This episode, for example, talks about Club finances.

It’s hosted by Olympian Ashleigh Brennan.

Click over to Gymnastics Victoria or you can listen to an episode from this page.

Financial Data and Systems The Rotation

Jeremy Gleeson from Sports Accounting Australia jumps into all things finance and systems for your sporting organisation, talking data, systems and how to use your numbers to make operational decisions. Sports Accounting Australia is like the CFO for your club and Jeremy shares tips to help you move forward from the impact of COVID and prepare for the year ahead. References Gymnastics Victoria website: Sports Accounting Australia: See for privacy information.
  1. Financial Data and Systems
  2. Human Resources in Sport
  3. Marketing to Success
  4. Sport and Life Training
  5. Avenue for growth

Nick Ruddock on on Athlete Alliance

Nick is eloquent in his summing up of the #AthleteAlliance revelations — gymnasts emboldened to come forward with some of their worst experiences in the sport.

How revealing past abuse can make things better for future generations.

Of course he looks at it from the coach perspective.


FINALLY – an Adult Gymnastics podcast

It’s called Better Late with Pam Mujumdar.

Click through to listen to the trailer or subscribe via iTunes.

Episode #1 is an interview with Gina Paulhus.

(via Rec Gymnastics)

Gymnastics podcasts 2020

As compiled by Katy.

All Things Gymnastics Podcast

Believed (Nassar Investigative Podcast)


Bleav in Gymnastics: Chalk Talk

The Gripcast: Gymnastics Unfiltered


The Gymnastics Growth Show

The Gymnastics Life Podcast

Gymnasticsville Podcast

Half In, Half Out Podcast

I Have Cool Friends

Life in a Leo


Men’s Gymnastics Australia Podcast

Olympic Channel Podcast


Region 5 Gymnastics Insider

The Routine: Gymnastics Conversations

The Shift Show

30 for 30: Heavy Medals

I’m adding the Neil and Nile podcast.

Australia – Gymnastics Victoria podcast

Gymnastics Victoria launched an audiocast.

Ashleigh Brennan is joined by Judy Young, the Chair of the Board for Gymnastics Victoria to discuss the biggest effects of COVID-19 from the financial impact on our clubs to the mental health of coaches and athletes.

Episode 1 – We’re all in this together