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If you don’t listen religiously, the BIG news is that GymCastic has gone from once a week to twice a week


Episode 374 provides a history of the audiocast — how Jessica O’Beirne launched it with zero podcasting experience. Recall that Tim Daggett was the first guest, an excellent interview.

We learned that Spencer watches Gymnastics routines all day every day. So we don’t have to. He’ll find the highlights.

We learned that Uncle Tim is still involved with social media for @GymCastic.

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GymCastic episode 363

If you blinked and missed USAG’s hiring and firing of Professor Edward Nyman as its full-time sports medicine and science director — a new position — Jessica has got you covered.

Another hire where vetting was bungled.

The podcast reviews two other recent issues:

  • Terin Humphrey posting and defending a dumb, wrong meme on Facebook. Terin was was a member of the selection committee that chose women’s teams for the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.
  • Mary Lou Retton‘s recent TV appearance. Recall that Mary Lou lobbied against  Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act as a USAG Board Member. Happily it was signed into law February 14, 2018. Mary Lou seems still in denial that children were abused.

In addition was new CEO Li Li Leung’s wrong statement that gymnasts who saw the criminal doctor with their coach were safe. Leung did later apologize.

363: Five Is the New Four (…Is the New Five)


D0 you listen to the Region 5 Insider podcast?

As a sample, check out episode #6.

Jason MacDonald:

In this episode we look at one of the most important aspects of sport performance and participation…. Motivation.

We talk about strategies to help set up a culture in your gym to drive and sustain motivation through the training year. There are many different motivational strategies and each athlete is motivated differently. We discuss many different ways to enhance motivation and make the daily grind of training and competition fun. Creating a culture of excellence in your gym and develop a plan for keeping the energy and excitement toward your goals both individual and team helps to keep motivation high.

Whitney Snowden former Head Optional Coach at Cincinnati Gymnastics joins us to give her perspective on motivation and what has worked well for her in the past.

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following Men’s College Gymnastics

In 2019 it’s easy to follow 80+ teams in women’s collegiate gymnastics.

That’s not always the case for the Men. In fact, for some meets it’s challenging even to find LIVE scores online. ☹️

Stick it Media posted some tips:

To follow the action, you have to know when the meets are happening, so bookmark  Road to Nationals.

… site has all the schedules and results in one handy, interactive place, along with a link to the CGA website (which has recaps of each week’s action).

http://collegegymnews.com/ also has some men’s coverage.

Like/follow your favorite teams (or all of them) on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Check their official websites for links to live scoring.  A twitter account is highly recommended if you want to get the most of following men’s NCAA gymnastics online. Many teams put up Facebook Live streams at the last minute, so following on FB/twitter is a great way to get notified about the streams. Following on Twitter gives access to scores/lineups in real time. Both FB and Twitter are good (read mostly only) sources for videos.

Links to NCAA/GymACT social media are all HERE

Subscribe to this list to get all the Twitter feeds in one place – great for meet day and following lineups/scores in real time.

I’d add a recommendation to follow Gymnasticsville and listen to their podcast. This is the best coverage I’ve seen so far this season.

Sam interviews Katelyn Ohashi

Season 2 of I Have Cool Friends is up and running.

Of dozens of new Katelyn Ohashi interviews to check out, this one with Sam Peszek is definitely the best. I learned a lot. Katelyn’s got BIG dreams.

Using Gymnastics Experience and a VIRAL Platform to Change the World with Katelyn Ohashi – Season 2 Episode 3

The Routine Podcast episode 41

If you can’t get enough College Gymnastics, be sure to tune into the one podcast dedicated to NCAA.

The most recent episode includes an interview with Kristen Watkins, editor of @FantasyGym.

Previous episodes include interviews with Florida first years SAVANNAH SCHOENHERR AND TRINITY THOMAS as well as Miss Val.

Region 5 Insider NCAA week 1 recap

If you can’t get enough NCAA coverage, check out the new Region 5 Insider podcast coverage.

In our first episode of our College Salute podcast we review the first weekend of the 2019 college season and highlight some the top performances from around the country and from our Region 5 Alums. We also talked to Michigan seniors Olivia Karas and Emma Mclean as well as SEMO freshman Anna Kaziska and got their reactions to their individual and team performances in the opening weekend.

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Peng Peng on GymCastic

Listen to episode #346.

Peng is doing a number of event appearances this year as she’s no longer (finally) restricted by NCAA regulations.

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The Routine Podcast – season 2

Gymnastics conversations.

With the NCAA season looming, the College podcast is gearing up for season 2.