PLAN to retire from sport

Super smart and eloquent former CAN elite and Utah star Sydney Soloski was interviewed on HOW her retirement is going.

Good and bad.

Sports Canada actually has a program called which offers transition resources for athletes.

I’m not sure Sydney is eligible as she’s been off the CAN National Team for years now.

6-time Olympic medalist, Max Whitlock, has decided to resume training. He felt unsettled outside the Gym. It ain’t easy to retire.

in praise of GymCastic

Of all social media providers in Liverpool, GymCastic had the biggest team. And worked the longest hours.

They also organized a LIVE show which entertained me and hundreds more LIVE and online.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. But if you don’t, I suggest you try this episode of GymCastic. The LAST day of the World Championships Finals.

Click through and hit PLAY.

Becky Downie & Danusia Francis LIVE

I’ll be attending the GymCastic LIVE show at Worlds Liverpool 8:00pm local (GMT+1/1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern) on November 5th, 2022.

Tickets went on sale today.

If you won’t be in Liverpool, you can attend virtually for $25.

No doubt we’ll see additional surprise guests make an appearance.

Welcome to the Yul Moldauer Show

Yul posted his 1st podcast on Gymnasticsville.

He details his very busy year since the Olympics. Explained his decision to add difficulty on certain apparatus in certain meets.

And strategy to peak for Worlds 2022.

Very interesting for coaches. For gymnasts, Yul highly recommends they consider competing Bundesliga in Europe.

Listen here.

interview – Alicia & Chellsie

The jobs are challenging. But for some reason I’m optimistic this weird U.S. women’s gymnastics leadership team: Alicia, strategic lead, and Chellsie, technical lead, and Dan Baker, developmental lead — is going to be a success.

My first reaction was that neither Chellsie nor Alicia are going to take any crap — from anyone. Both can speak truth to power.

You can listen to both interviewed on GymCastic.

“American Prodigies” podcast – Gymnastics

Search for “American Prodigies” on your podcast host to hear how Black girls moved from the margins of gymnastics to prominence. Interviews & coaches and gymnasts, journalists & academics for insight into what it means to be a Black girl in gymnastics in 2022.

Hosted by Amira Rose Davis.

I’m now subscribed.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

Suzanne Yoculan interview – part 2

One of the legendary NCAA coaches all-time is both entertaining and educational. I enjoyed hearing her many strategies for building Georgia into one of the top teams.

Highly recommended.

You can listen online.

What Makes SANDY WOOLSEY Think… pt. 2 What Makes You Think… Gymnastics Season

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  4. When Loving Gymnastics Gets You an Emmy
  5. What Makes DENELLE PEDRICK Think.. pt. 2

NEW podcast – The Performance Mindset

Nick Adair is a full-time coach in New Jersey. He’s worked, as well, in the fitness,and mental health industries.

The first episodes include advice on relaxation, healthy thoughts, training with fear, building new habits.

Listen online to start, as the podcast is not yet listed in every podcast directory.

educating sports parents

Nick interviews Gordon MacLelland of Working with Parents in Sport.

Dealing successfully with parents is a much neglected coaching skill.

They discuss how to onboard NEW parents starting with your pre-competitive programs.

Gordon recommends offering parents 4 minute Zoom sessions on a regular basis to avoid miscommunication.

talking about the ‘gymternet’

Fans are Fanatics.

We once had to rely on “mainstream media” to cover Gymnastics.

A few TV channels. International Gymnast magazine.

Sports Illustrated … every 4 years.

The situation for fans (and coaches) is much better today.

YOU and anyone online can post your own opinions the sport at no cost. And you might find an audience.

I recall when non-gymnast Spencer Barnes launched The Balance Beam Situation.

Instantly it was my #1 source of information on NCAA Gymnastics.

On the down side, every #hater, #troll and #bully can get online, as well.

Check an AP (mainstream media) article:

The ‘gymternet’: gymnastics’ devoted, sometimes toxic fans

GymCastic’s Jessica O’Beirne interviews Mandy Mohamed in Tokyo