Suzanne Yoculan interview – part 2

One of the legendary NCAA coaches all-time is both entertaining and educational. I enjoyed hearing her many strategies for building Georgia into one of the top teams.

Highly recommended.

You can listen online.

What Makes STEPHEN NEDOROSCIK Think… What Makes You Think… Gymnastics Season

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  1. What Makes STEPHEN NEDOROSCIK Think…
  2. MINISODE RAEGAN RUTTY's Olympic Experience
  3. What Makes JOHN FREAKIN' CHENG Think…
  4. What Makes LANCE RINGNALD Think…
  5. MINISODE Kristen "Little Miracle" Maloney

NEW podcast – The Performance Mindset

Nick Adair is a full-time coach in New Jersey. He’s worked, as well, in the fitness,and mental health industries.

The first episodes include advice on relaxation, healthy thoughts, training with fear, building new habits.

Listen online to start, as the podcast is not yet listed in every podcast directory.

educating sports parents

Nick interviews Gordon MacLelland of Working with Parents in Sport.

Dealing successfully with parents is a much neglected coaching skill.

They discuss how to onboard NEW parents starting with your pre-competitive programs.

Gordon recommends offering parents 4 minute Zoom sessions on a regular basis to avoid miscommunication.

talking about the ‘gymternet’

Fans are Fanatics.

We once had to rely on “mainstream media” to cover Gymnastics.

A few TV channels. International Gymnast magazine.

Sports Illustrated … every 4 years.

The situation for fans (and coaches) is much better today.

YOU and anyone online can post your own opinions the sport at no cost. And you might find an audience.

I recall when non-gymnast Spencer Barnes launched The Balance Beam Situation.

Instantly it was my #1 source of information on NCAA Gymnastics.

On the down side, every #hater, #troll and #bully can get online, as well.

Check an AP (mainstream media) article:

The ‘gymternet’: gymnastics’ devoted, sometimes toxic fans

GymCastic’s Jessica O’Beirne interviews Mandy Mohamed in Tokyo

Blind Landing podcast

Blind Landing is a a 5 part podcast on one of the biggest Olympic Gymnastics BLUNDERS.

The 2000 Sydney Vault debacle.

Kristi Yamaguchi: Asian American Idol Blind Landing

For many Asian Americans, seeing Kristi Yamaguchi win the gold in women’s figure skating at the 1992 Olympics was everything. She was more than a famous athlete — she was one of the few Asian Americans on TV, period. Yet for Kristi, the polished, glamorous image that we all saw was very different from her experience on the inside. From her choice to skate solo to seeking endorsements in an anti-Asian climate, reporter Stefanie Ritoper looks at the moments that almost stopped Kristi from becoming the Kristi Yamaguchi that we all know. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  1. Kristi Yamaguchi: Asian American Idol
  2. Ukrainian Gymnast Illia Kovtun & The Story Behind The Photo Seen Around The World
  3. Mabel Fairbanks: Beyond The Edge
  4. Out On The Ice: Part 3
  5. Out On The Ice: Part 2

Gym Club customer service

In this episode, Nick and his business expert consultant Julie Berry talk about how owners and managers can acquire, communicate with and keep customers.

EP063 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Daniel Lonsdale Gymnastics Growth Show

Welcome to the Gymnastics Growth Show podcast, brought to you by Nick Ruddock, a performance Gymnastics Coach and consultant to international gymnastics teams and professional sports clubs. In this podcast, Nick and his special guests share the strategies and tactics used to optimise athlete and coach performance from grass roots to gold standard. Tackling all things gymnastics and performance sport, from physical preparation and psychology, to nutrition and lifestyle, this podcast is a must for any gymnastics coach serious about improving results and furthering their expertise.
  1. EP063 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Daniel Lonsdale
  2. EP062 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Tom Callow
  3. EP061 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Ellie Downie
  4. EP060 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Scott Willgress
  5. EP059 Gymnastics Growth Show – Nick Ruddock and Craig Morris

Leah Clapper’s new podcast

Leah is currently competing for Florida. But found the time during the pandemic to launch her own audiocast. #respect

Introduction was posted Dec 15, 2020.

The most recent episode is an interview with Trinity before the first meet.


Jeremy Miranda | Finding Flow Zest and Progress

Jeremy James Miranda has been the volunteer assistant coach and choreographer for the University of Florida gymnastics team for 14 seasons. He is a professional dancer, former elite gymnast, and incredible person. He has performed on Broadway, cruise lines, television shows, and more, and he takes care of the magical Disney shows in Orlando. Jeremy discusses growing up in the gym, dancing in NYC, and so much more. Plus, he offers a glimpse into his creative process for crafting unique floor routines. CONNECT @jeremyjamesmiranda on Instagram and Facebook @wilwheaten (Jeremy’s doggo) — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. Jeremy Miranda | Finding Flow
  2. Gabby Wilson | Competing With Gratitude
  3. Ellie Lazzari | Creating Confidence
  4. Alyssa Baumann | Persistence Pays Off
  5. Maximizing Performance Through Nutrition | Blaire Wolski, MS RD LD

Winter Beach Blast 2021

A BIG competition is scheduled for Jan 14-17 in Galveston.

4 days MAG & WAG.

The highlight will be the Men’s Sr Elite competition: Yul Moldauer, Marvin Kimble, Allan Bower, Sam Zakutney, Colin Van Wichlen, Donnell Whittenburg and many more.

Meet director Jerit Pogue was interviewed on the gymnasticsville podcast about the meet and the future of American men’s gymnastics.

A professional series of competitions is needed in future — something like the German Bundesliga. Top gymnasts there can earn as much as $30,000 for the season plus expenses.

Gym Nerd School

GymCastic launched yet another new initiative.

Episode #450 is the first of a series called Gym Nerd School 101.

Based on fan questions, Spencer and Jessica do some Gym’splainin

  • What does it mean to be an “elite”?
  • Code of Points, leotard rules, and named skills.
  • Why don’t they use the 10 anymore?
  • Why are leaps named for animals, how do I tell them apart, and no really WHYYYYYY?
  • How do I tell the difference between a split leap full and a switch leap full?
  • How do I tell the difference between those one-arm pirouettes—the Ono, Healy, and Ling?

They discuss a number of videos which you can watch LIVE ON TAPE.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.