Sam Pezsek interviews Jordyn Wieber

Former roommates at UCLA.

Both felt they were the type of kid who wanted to work HARD every practice. Self-motivated. They feel that’s what you need to try Elite.

Jordyn’s been dating Chris Brooks for a year and a half. She’s coaching UCLA. He’s coaching men at Oklahoma next season. Long distance relationship for much of the year.

Neither Sam nor Jordyn speak in this episode about their personal coaches Marvin Sharp nor John Geddert. Sam does recall her first coach Peter Zhao fondly.

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Gymnastics Nutrition – Nicole Jontony

In this episode Sam talks to Nicole Jontony, former collegiate gymnast, who is currently a sports dietitian at Ohio State University.

Sam interviews Doc Ali

In episode 5 Sam Peszek interviews Alison Arnold, a mental toughness coach for USA Gymnastics since 1997.

Turns out Sam had mental blocks on backward tumbling and Beam.

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Sam interviews Jill Hicks

… known as the “College Recruiting Expert” …

… Over time, the college recruiting process for gymnastics has drastically changed.

Jill’s consulting company, Jill Hicks Consulting LLC, strives to market her support for college-bound gymnastics to choose what the best fit is for them. …

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Sam Peszek’s new podcast

I Have Cool Friends

Episode #1 is an interview with Mary Lee Tracy.

Samantha Peszek is on a mission to connect athletes, coaches, and parents with the best resources the gymnastics world has to offer.

Utilizing Samantha’s gymnastics network (she really does have cool friends), guests will be experts in their field and shed a light on hot topics, tips for improvement, and inspiration. …

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Sam travels a lot with her Beam Queen Bootcamp events and is very connected with coaches.

CA Orchard interview

Entertaining and informative, Nick and his former coaching partner Carol Angela talk Beam in on his new audiocast.

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GymCastic Olympics

If you’ve never listened to any of the previous 303 audiocast episodes, this just might the one to try.


… select our all-time, all-star Olympic teams without any stupid limitations like geographical borders or the concept of time—don’t worry, the power goes immediately to our heads and turns us crazy …

A lot of their ideas sounded GREAT to me. For example, spectators get augmented reality goggles on arrival at an Olympic venue that is used year round for research. Headsets identify athlete, history, previous scores, social media links, etc.

Camera angle choices include those from the individual judges tables.

Check it out.

304: The GymCastic Olympics