#GymnastAlliance update

It’s not easy to keep up, on different social media, with gymnast statements from around the world.

Fortunately, GymCastic has been doing that for us.  And updating each week.

Listen to episode #437 Lineup Racism?

Bootcamp Betsy interviews Coach Dee

Betsy McNally Laouar (betsymcnally.comhosts Tumbling Along With Betsy, a nutrition podcast that usually touches on Gymnastics.

Earlier in 2020 she interviewed DeAvera Todd, one of my favourite clinicians.

Subscribe to Coach Dee’s YouTube channel.

Listen to the interview here.

Betsy is a personal fitness trainer, nutritionist, professional body builder, gymnastics coach and best selling author of two books, Binges and Balance Beams and Gymnachef.

She works exclusively with gymnasts, coaches, and families within the gymnastics community to teach about balance in nutrition and fitness through her world renown traveling Betsy Bootcamps.

Lauren Hopkins’ NEW podcast – Gymterpod

The Gymterpod – Episode 1 is FREE. 

The first episode of The Gymternet’s tie-in podcast, The Gymterpod!

Future episodes will be available for a $5 monthly subscription via Patreon.

00:00 – Intro

04:50 – Sunisa Lee’s Bars Upgrades

07:10 –Jennifer Gadirova’s Upgrades

13:30 – Amy Tinkler Retired

15:38 – Aly Raisman Officially Retired

19:43 – Laney Madsen is Training to 2024

24:33 – Isabela Onyshko to Stanford

26:20 – Melbourne World Cup Roster Announced

29:00 – RD761 Junior International Cup Recap

32:05 – Mini Explanation of My Pronunciations

33:31 – Finishing up the RD761 Recap

33:56 – Preview of Next Weekend’s Meets

36:51 – You Asked, The Gymternet Answered*

Listen HERE – Gymterpod – Episode 1


GymCastic podcast – Apparatus Finals

I was a guest on the best Gymnastics audiocast in the Universe. A good show, I thought.

Nina, Simone, Yulo, Max, and Colak Ibrahim, Turkey’s first ever Worlds medal.

Men’s FX, PH and Rings. Women’s Vault and Bars. Could anyone dethrone Simone and Nina? Did Jessica and Spencer emotionally survive …


Nile Wilson’s new podcast

Nile’s one of the most popular Gymnastic vloggers. Some of his videos have more than a million views.

NEW in July was adding an audiocast. His co-host is father Neil so the parent’s perspective is well represented.

Episode 5 is a good interview with Nick Ruddock. Listen online or subscribe via iTunes.


everything you want to know about GymCastic

If you don’t listen religiously, the BIG news is that GymCastic has gone from once a week to twice a week


Episode 374 provides a history of the audiocast — how Jessica O’Beirne launched it with zero podcasting experience. Recall that Tim Daggett was the first guest, an excellent interview.

We learned that Spencer watches Gymnastics routines all day every day. So we don’t have to. He’ll find the highlights.

We learned that Uncle Tim is still involved with social media for @GymCastic.

Listen here.




GymCastic episode 363

If you blinked and missed USAG’s hiring and firing of Professor Edward Nyman as its full-time sports medicine and science director — a new position — Jessica has got you covered.

Another hire where vetting was bungled.

The podcast reviews two other recent issues:

  • Terin Humphrey posting and defending a dumb, wrong meme on Facebook. Terin was was a member of the selection committee that chose women’s teams for the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.
  • Mary Lou Retton‘s recent TV appearance. Recall that Mary Lou lobbied against  Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act as a USAG Board Member. Happily it was signed into law February 14, 2018. Mary Lou seems still in denial that children were abused.

In addition was new CEO Li Li Leung’s wrong statement that gymnasts who saw the criminal doctor with their coach were safe. Leung did later apologize.

363: Five Is the New Four (…Is the New Five)