Trampoline Sports Elite Canada

Women’s Trampoline
Sarah Milette
Rachel Tam
Sam Smith

Men’s Trampoline
Keegan Soehn
Nathan Shuh
Jake Cranham

Women’s DMT
Laurence Roux
Danielle Grieve
Kalena Soehn

Men’s DMT
Mario Bruno
Justin Lefaivre
David Dawson

Women’s Tumbling
Jordan Sugrim
Zoe Hipel

Men’s Tumbling
Jon Schwaiger
Michael Zeuner

Full results.

Next up are Trampoline Nationals in Oshawa, ON from July 24-28 at Durham College.

related – Rosie MacLennan and Jérémy Chartier named 2018 Athletes of the Year in Trampoline Gymnastics

Rosie MacLennan (King City, ON). COACH: Dave Ross

Jérémy Chartier (Montreal, QC). COACH: Karina Kosko

Rosie did not compete having injured her ankle at the World Cup in Belarus.

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“When you choose to live your life in the arena, you are going to get your ass kicked. You will fall and you will know failure.” (🙌🏻 @brenebrown ) Two weeks ago I got my ass kicked. I crashed at the World Cup in Belarus and broke my ankle. I had all these plans for how I would use this time between World Cups but have been pushed to rethink it, come up with new plans, and get creative. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by incredible support that help me focus on what I can do each day to make progress, keeping me moving forward. I choose sport because I love it. I love sport because sometimes you get this incredible momentum and sometimes you are confronted with a situation that forces you to dig deep, adapt, and create new strategies. These challenges and obstacles are when you learn the most. My goals have not changed, but the path I will take has. There are 18 weeks until we head back to the World Cup circuit that qualifies for #Tokyo2020. Through the process, I’m sure I will experience doubt, frustration and set backs but my goal is to come out stronger and better for it. Bring it on. 💪🏻❤️ @cbcolympics @cbc.sports @teamcanada @tsnolympics

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