Power Tumbling whip back tutorial

Demonstrator Jordan Sugrim.

Coach Sahil:

… If you’re a Powertumbler, you have a strip that’s 84 feet long to work with. On top of that, the rod floor also gives more bounce than a standard sprung floor, which means you should aim to make your whips longer and lower.

But if you’re a cheerleader or gymnast, then you know that space is a luxury, and that the floor isn’t nearly as “giving”, so your whips will need to be higher and loopier. …

This is the very first drill I have all my athletes do. …

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It is often said that a whip is basically a higher BHS. And that’s not too far from the truth …

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The Complete Guide To Whip-Backs (For Cheer, Gymnastics & PowerTumbling)

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crazy acrobatics compilation

Greg Roe:

A compilation of worlds best trampoline , gymnastics , tumbling , parkour , freerunning , blobbing , bmx , skateboarding , skiing , snowboarding , skydiving from athletes around the world who are talented and amazing at what they do. My favourites that have been submitted to me from my facebook fanpage or instagram.

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