Kristian Thomas on Zika

Olympic bronze medallist gymnast Kristian Thomas told BBC Sport: “We were over there in February for a training camp and we followed all the advice from the doctors, the BOA (British Olympic Association) and British Gymnastics and we were all fine.

“I think we’ve just got to make sure we’re on top of this and following the guidelines, make sure we’re protecting ourselves and each other …”

Rio Olympics 2016: Djokovic says cancellation unthinkable


I was in Rio for 17 days in April and saw only 3 mosquitos. There will be fewer during the Olympics.

The risk of Zika infection is far lower than the risk of getting into a motor vehicle accident on the way to the Olympic venue.

Concussion – the film

Have you seen Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian forensic pathologist who fights against efforts by the National Football League to suppress his research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) brain degeneration suffered by professional football players?

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Anyone who boxes or plays football should know the risks by now. I’m more concerned for coaches and athletes in sports who assume they are at low risk of micro-trauma injury to the brain. Trampoline? Artistic Gymnasts?

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Olympic problems

Security is good. Hundreds of military in and around the Olympic arena look very capable.

security drill at the Gymnastics venue

But there are many problems.

… International sports federations expressed concern Tuesday over problems with venues for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, including power failures at the gymnastics arena this week. …

FIG official Ron Froehlich cited power outages, putting at risk athletes’ safety and the scoring system, plus missing equipment at an underfunded temporary training venue. …

Sports federations concerned about venues for Rio Games

Power is still being produced by generators. 😦 Generators fail.

Still, the Artistic competition was a success. We only had one major injury over the 3 days – Achilles rupture tumbling for one of the Austrian gymnasts. 😦 Injury rate is normally higher at these biggest meets.

The purpose of the Test Event is to test all aspects. FIX the problems in time for the Olympics.

The venues should be ready.

Click PLAY or watch a Cidade Olimpica promo video on YouTube.

Yet as I walk the Olympic City during break, there are very few workmen to be seen. You’d expect they’d still be working 24/7.

I’m worried.

(via Lauren Hopkins)

Dipa Karmakar – 1st female Olympian from India

Dipa Karmakar, who became India’s first woman gymnast to qualify for Olympics, will receive the sports ministry’s funding of up to Rs.30 lakh under the Target Olympic Scheme (TOPS), it was announced on Monday. …

The ministry of youth affairs and sports (Department of Sports) has formulated the TOP scheme for identifying and supporting potential medal prospects for the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. …

Besides being the first Indian woman, Dipa will also be an Indian gymnast qualifying for the quadrennial extravaganza after 52 long years.

The last time Indians participated in gymnastics at Olympics was way back in 1964, but during that time there was no qualification system in place. Six men competed at Tokyo 1964 in the artistic individual all-around category.

Till date, 11 Indian men gymnasts have competed in the Olympics –two in 1952, three in 1956 and six in 1964. …

F. Sports

The Federation in India has been a disaster over recent years. Happily the Department of Sports will ensure she has training funds to prepare safely for the Olympics.

I saw 3 Produnovas in Rio, her best during podium training. Here’s the highest quality video I’ve seen of those.

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