16 more women accuse Larry Nassar

… the women’s allegations of sexual abuse span nearly two decades — from 1996 through 2014. Their ages ranged from 13 to 20 when the alleged abuse began. Some continued to see Nassar for treatment for years. …

All five women interviewed by IndyStar said they wondered about the treatment they received from Nassar, but they initially deferred to his reputation and expertise in the field of sports medicine.

“He was like this hero in … sports medicine, especially for gymnastics, because the injuries and type of stress you’re putting on your body are so different than any other sport,” Katherine said. “A trainer and doctor for the U.S. Olympic team accessible in Michigan; it was like, everyone thought it was amazing.” …

Indy Star

The IndyStar USA Gymnastics investigation

Riley Beggin summarizes the story to date.

IndyStar filed records requests in 10 states and reviewed thousands of pages of documents over the course of four and a half months. Their reporting found that USAG, which is headquartered in Indianapolis, has private sexual misconduct files on 54 coaches spanning 10 years. But unless the allegations came to officials directly from the victim or the victim’s parent, the organization wouldn’t take any measures to intervene. …

Indiana law doesn’t require firsthand information to report suspected abuse. It only requires that the reporter has “reason to believe” abuse has occurred. Legal experts told IndyStar that it’s clear USA Gymnastics’ policy violates state law. …

Behind the Story


former coach William ‘Bill’ McCabe

In 2007 Bill McCabe was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for sexual exploitation of children.


The Indianapolis Star posted a timeline of his troubled coaching career.

The question being asked of USA Gymnastics is why Bill McCabe wasn’t placed on the permanently ineligible list until December 2006?

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Vanessa Atler on Larry Nassar

1) First I want everyone to know Larry has never done anything to me. I only really had problems with my ankle and he was always professional and i never had any bad experiences with him.

2) I will be choosing to support these women. …

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Vanessa was a long time National Team member. (1995-2001)

more accusations against Dr. Larry Nassar

Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Gretchen Whitmer said a “handful” of people who say they were victims of a Michigan State University doctor have contacted her since an article was published Monday detailing the accounts of two women who allege the doctor sexually abused them.

“As soon as publicity was given to this, more people have reached out,” she said.

Michigan State University police also have received additional complaints …

Detroit Free Press

That article links to contact information for investigators.

gymnast Ananth Rao paralyzed

On October 12, 2010 Ananth Rao was competing in a State competition in India on Floor. He under rotated a 1 3/4 forward salto roll out. And will now spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.


‘Paralysed’ gymnast needs a long helping hand

In the draft version of the next Men’s Code of Points roll out skills on Floor are banned. They’ve been banned in the Women’s Code for decades after 1978 World Champion Elena Mukhina was paralyzed.

Congratulations FIG MTC for that decision. Our sport will have far fewer concussions and catastrophic injuries in future.

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U.S. sexual misconduct complaints against coaches

A Georgia judge ruled on Monday that sexual abuse complaint files compiled by USA Gymnastics should be released to the public, offering a look into the Olympic organization’s policies for handling child abuse.

The ruling, by Judge Ronald K. Thompson in Effingham County State Court, was celebrated as a victory by some former gymnasts who were victims of sex abuse. USA Gymnastics opposed release of the documents.

USA Gymnastics said it plans to appeal the ruling …

The judge said he is concerned about protecting the privacy of innocent parties, including victims and their families. Their names and medical records will be redacted. The names of coaches who have not been convicted of a crime also will be redacted. Thompson said the court will redact the files and open them to the public by Sept. 30.

Georgia judge to unseal USA Gymnastics sex abuse records

If you want more on that story listen to GymCastic episode 220. Jessica O’Beirne has been following the issue closely.

proposed changes in Vault values

From this list I’d say Rudi looks the most over-valued. (Smart to train.)

It’s very similar to Kasamatsu + 1/1 (what WAG calls Tsuk double twist) yet that vault is worth 0.2 less.

– Produnova (7.0 > 6.4)
– Rudi (6.2 > 5.8)
– Tsukahara full (5.2 > 4.8)
– Tsukahara 1.5 (5.5 > 5.2)
– Tsukahara double full (6.0 > 5.6)
– Tsukahara 2.5 (6.5 > 6.0)
– FTY (5.0 > 4.6)
– 1.5 Yurchenko (5.3 > 5.0)
– DTY (5.8 > 5.4)
– Amanar (6.3 > 5.8)
– Lopez (5.6 > 5.2)
– “Mustafina” (6.0 > 5.6)
– Cheng (6.4 > 6.0)

… The vault devaluations are to account for the gymnasts losing 0.5 in requirements on the other three apparatuses. Requirements are worth 2.0 instead of 2.5.


Personally I’d prefer the Produnova be banned rather than count on FIG WTC to massage the rules to the point where dangerous ones are no longer attempted.

Click PLAY or watch some Rudis on YouTube. (2013)

What woman competed the best Rudi all time? Alicia?

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

Produnova downgraded from 7.0 to 6.4

I’d be happy if FIG WTC banned the Handspring double front vault for WAG (for now). And that Handspring triple front for MAG (for now).

Both are far too dangerous.


Alternatively the vault must be better evaluated to the point where there is ZERO chance of making a vault final for a very dangerous performance. Will FIG’s proposed changes fix the problem?

Beyond Rio: Skills’ Difficulty Values Changed, Will the Produnova Craze End?

I’m not so sure. 😦

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