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TAG = does not come from Touch And Go

Ty checked. Snopes research concluded that ‘tag’ did not originate as the acronym of ‘touch and go’. 

___ original post from July 18th

I’ve yet to hear from any coach who knew TAG was an acronym for Touch And Go.

I’m guessing the evolution of that word was something different.

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modifying Trampoline for very young children

Putting preschool kids on a competitive Trampoline bed can be dangerous. Especially if Mom or Dad climbs on with them — risking a double bounce injury to spine / neck.

Best practice is to put some kind of mat on top of the Tramp for young children.

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FIGymnastics 2.0 app

The app, available free for download from the iTunes and Google Play stores, has been enhanced to include sections on non-Olympic disciplines Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Synchronised Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-trampoline, as well as Gymnastics for All, the inclusive discipline that is the foundation of the sport.


Johanna Quaas competing at age 91

Johanna just competed the Deutches Turnfest in Berlin, likely the largest sporting festival and competition in the world with an attendance this year of 80,000 competitors aged 4-94.

… Today, it appears she plans to keep competing until she can’t, which may be a while because she says it’s precisely her competing that keeps her young.

‘My face is old but my heart is young’: World’s oldest gymnast still has moves at 91