journalist trains like Paul Ruggeri for a month

Spencer Althouse, age-27, a journalist from Buzzfeed, was not a gymnast.

He decided to train at Paul Ruggeri’s Gym for a month … like Paul Ruggeri.

He got a training diet from Paul. And his morning warm-up and (mostly) stuck with them for a month.

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I Trained Like A Gymnast For 30 Days And Here’s What Happened

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Benefits of Gymnastics for kids

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Guest post by Alex from

Gymnasts who perform at the highest level and win world championships or Olympic medals are awe-inspiring physical specimens who wow with their flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Even if your child doesn’t aspire of practice gymnastics at that high a level, those foundational physical qualities can positively impact their lives away from the practice facility and, over time, even help them academically.

With the average child spending seven hours a daylooking at screens, the importance of putting youngsters in a program that makes physical fitness and interpersonal communication a priority is crucial for their continued development. As they inch closer to their teenage years, prioritizing physical activity and social interactions with other kids their age will put them in a great position to blossom into strong, capable young adults.

Let’s take a closer at the biggest gymnastics’ benefits for kids, starting with:

Lasting Health Benefits

Strong Social Benefits

Commitment and Discipline

Motor Skills, Balance and Coordination

Improved Strength

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5 Benefits of Gymnastics for Your Child

Alex G. is VP of Marketing and Customer Success at Amilia, a company offering an all-in-one gymnastics registration software solution for gym schools and cheer clubs.  

Buckeye Gymnastics update

Founder and Owner David Holcomb:

… it was encouraging when team auditions and registrations reached an all-time high last spring …

While our recreation enrollment has been soft our competition team hours have grown significantly. Preschool enrollment, particularly day-time preschool enrollment, is down. School-age recreational programs are flat.

The bright spot for us has been our competition programs. We have always fielded a large team with competitors at levels 2 through elite. We have also fielded Xcel teams at the recreation level for over a decade in a league involving other gyms in Central Ohio. This year we started offering Xcel as part of our competition program and the huge response has been something of a surprise. Those gymnasts are excited and ready to begin competition within the USA Gymnastics Xcel program.

Our new and still growing Xcel team will encourage us to expand the Buckeye Classic to include additional sessions at all Xcel levels. …

We have expanded Buckeye Warriors with more space and exciting new equipment with an emphasis on obstacle courses that is attracting a lot of boys new to the gym. …

Buckeye Gymnastics has gone green. We have generated over 75,000 kWt hours since we added solar and replaced our fluorescent lights with LED lights saving significantly on the electric bills. We should break even on this investment within five years …

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Buckeye coach Kittia Carpenter is on the USAG CEO core search committee along with Justin Spring and others.

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TAG = does not come from Touch And Go

Ty checked. Snopes research concluded that ‘tag’ did not originate as the acronym of ‘touch and go’. 

___ original post from July 18th

I’ve yet to hear from any coach who knew TAG was an acronym for Touch And Go.

I’m guessing the evolution of that word was something different.

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Lebron’s daughter started Gymnastics

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