GymCastic Olympics

If you’ve never listened to any of the previous 303 audiocast episodes, this just might the one to try.


… select our all-time, all-star Olympic teams without any stupid limitations like geographical borders or the concept of time—don’t worry, the power goes immediately to our heads and turns us crazy …

A lot of their ideas sounded GREAT to me. For example, spectators get augmented reality goggles on arrival at an Olympic venue that is used year round for research. Headsets identify athlete, history, previous scores, social media links, etc.

Camera angle choices include those from the individual judges tables.

Check it out.

304: The GymCastic Olympics 

new NCAA podcast – The Routine

The Routine: Gymnastics Conversations launched late November. They have 5 episodes online already.

Easier is to subscribe via iTunes. It will be downloaded automatically every week.

Spencer of the Balance Beam Situation is my #1 College pundit. He’s a regular on the GymCastic podcast. But if you want more, check out The Routine. It’s hosted by a former NCCA gymnast.

Follow them on twitter @routinepodcast

related – GymnasticsNews out of Japan has a podcast, as well. If you speak Japanese check it out on YouTube. They are on iTunes, as well.

Vanessa Atler interview

Like pretty much everyone I was a big fan of Vanessa Atler in the dark days of late 1990s USA Gymnastics.

GymCastic posted an excellent, candid interview from some months ago. Vanessa volunteered to be interviewed, clearing up many questions we had about her career.

254: Vanessa Atler

She explains how she often did not know what her coaches, parents and manager were discussing.

If you don’t have time to listen, Dvora Meyers posted a summary with commentary — Former National Champion Speaks Out About USA Gymnastics’ Problems With Eating Disorders And Abuse.

Click PLAY or watch Vanessa’s 1999 Floor on YouTube.