following Men’s College Gymnastics

In 2019 it’s easy to follow 80+ teams in women’s collegiate gymnastics.

That’s not always the case for the Men. In fact, for some meets it’s challenging even to find LIVE scores online. ☹️

Stick it Media posted some tips:

To follow the action, you have to know when the meets are happening, so bookmark  Road to Nationals.

… site has all the schedules and results in one handy, interactive place, along with a link to the CGA website (which has recaps of each week’s action). also has some men’s coverage.

Like/follow your favorite teams (or all of them) on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Check their official websites for links to live scoring.  A twitter account is highly recommended if you want to get the most of following men’s NCAA gymnastics online. Many teams put up Facebook Live streams at the last minute, so following on FB/twitter is a great way to get notified about the streams. Following on Twitter gives access to scores/lineups in real time. Both FB and Twitter are good (read mostly only) sources for videos.

Links to NCAA/GymACT social media are all HERE

Subscribe to this list to get all the Twitter feeds in one place – great for meet day and following lineups/scores in real time.

I’d add a recommendation to follow Gymnasticsville and listen to their podcast. This is the best coverage I’ve seen so far this season.

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