Marisa Dick replaces Thema Williams

UPDATE – T&T says Thema has an ankle injury.

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Marisa will now compete for Trinidad and Tobago at Test Meet rather than Thema.

Thema is here with coach John Geddert. She looked good in podium training. Perhaps she was injured in the training hall.

The switch was so last minute that Marisa’s coaches could not get a visa in time. Ricardo Lue Shue will coach Marisa in Rio.

Both are great gymnasts. Either could qualify to the Olympics.

Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands, France to Olympics

It was an incredible Team competition. Sadly there was no video stream from the Test Meet. Unless you happen to follow Arthur Nory on Periscope.TV 🙂

1. Germany 350.609
2. Ukraine 350.160
3. Netherlands 347.444
4. France 346.583

Romania just missed as Canada did last Olympics. The worst team placement. 😦

So far as I can recall, Romania went 30/30 without a fall. They did the job.

Dutch men and women both qualified. 🙂

German redemption

During the last Olympic cycle it was Great Britain who missed at Worlds 2011 and were forced to qualify at Test Meet.

This cycle it was Germany.

Fabian Hambüchen is still out with shoulder pain that doesn’t want to go away. Many in Germany were worried the team won’t qualify here.

But Germany had a terrific team competition in the first of 3 flights of men’s preliminaries. Everyone is very confident they will rank one of the top 4 teams. Most likely #1.


Rio Test Meet WAG podium

I watched 4 training sessions over 13 hours. Four of these 8 will qualify a full team to the Rio Olympics:

South Korea
Switzerland crunched numbers concluding that the teams with the top scoring potential are Brazil, Germany, Romania and France.

After watching training (crunching no numbers) I’d concur that Brazil could score highest. They have Rebeca Andrade back. Home court advantage. And 3-4 DTYs on Vault.

Winning teams most often have a mix of newcomers and experienced veterans. Like Brazil.


Romania MUST qualify a full team. How could you have an Olympics without Romania?

If they hit Bars reasonably well first rotation, first flight of 4, ROM will qualify.

France impressed me. They looked well prepared. As did Germany and Belgium.

Many assume Australia has had too many injuries to get through. Don’t underestimate Aussies. 🙂

Those 4 teams are fighting for two qualifying spots, in my opinion. E score may end up being more important than D score this time. The first rule of Test Meet = Don’t Fall.

Individual competitors

There are between 31-33 AA Olympic spots available not counting those who’ve qualified with a team, Continental and Tripartite selections.

Oksana Chusovitina should be given automatic qualification. In her 7th Olympics, Chuso will be one of the bigger news stories in Rio. 🙂

That leaves 30-32 spots for the top AA gymnasts from this Test Event.

Jessica López (Venezuela) looks very likely to qualify to her 3rd Olympics here, for example.

(Gymnasts who earn a spot at the Olympics then must convince their National Olympic Associations to send them. Canada – for example – only very reluctantly sent Kyle Shewfelt to the 2000 Olympics because he wasn’t good enough. He won a Gold medal 4 years later.)

Click PLAY or watch the FIG Olympic selection process on YouTube.

In addition we have many top gymnasts here for the experience: China (Zhang Jin, Gong Kangyi), Great Britain: (Gabby Jupp, Becky Downie), Canada (Isabela Onyshko, Victoria-Kayen Woo), etc. Their teams have already qualified.

Last word. Dipa’s Handspring double front looked quite good in podium training. Not scary. Perhaps the best we’ve seen on to competition mats since Produnova.

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Courtney McGregor at Olympic Test Meet

Courtney took the Bronze medal on Vault at Pac Rim.

Then directly flew to Brazil.

Courtney: ”It’s great to be here in Rio competing with some of the best athletes in the world”.

… Without a team place for New Zealand the only opportunity to gain an individual place for Rio is through the Olympic test event, but she needs to be on her game.

… the biggest hurdle is still the New Zealand Olympic Committee criteria as McGregor qualified easily through to the test event and the estimated score needed to gain that FIG quota place for Rio is approx 51.00.

McGregor has bettered this at the worlds and at the Pacific Rim championships scored 53.55, her best ever internationally. However it is not the all around score NZOC are looking for – they require a top 16 finish.

She competes on Sunday in Rio and will not know until mid May whether she has achieved her Olympic dream.

Meanwhile, a college scholarship awaits her at Boise State University in Idaho. She signed her letter of intent last year and intends to do summer school in May.

Stuff – Christchurch gymnast Courtney McGregor wins bronze before Olympic test event

So far, so good.

Coach Mary Wright yesterday reported Courtney ahead of their projected training goals after 3 sessions in Rio.

Podium training for Courtney today.

Courtney McGregor

UPDATE – For you every-4-years Gymnastics fans, Courtney does not actually compete Pommels. 🙂

Thanks Avril.

do not underestimate Australia

Not many have predicted Australia to qualify a full team to the Olympics.

They’ve had problems. Injuries. Two competitions back-to-back.

But I doubt any team trains harder than the Aussies. They are fierce. These girls could do it.

photo by Grace Chiu

Georgia Rose-Brown (173cm) should be nominated for some sort of Elegance award. She’s stunning.