Elena DAVYDOVA nominated to FIG WTC

Elena DAVYDOVA was the 1980 Olympic all-around champion. She’s an expert judge. An active coach.

Kristina Vaculik was part of the Canadian record setting 5th place team rank at the London Olympics.

Her up-and-coming elites include Jade Chrobok and Ana Padurariu.

I can’t think of anyone I’d like more to be part of that committee. 🙂

Nellie Kim ran unopposed for Chair last cycle. This time Donatella SACCHI from Italy is nominated, as well.

See the whole list of nominees. Via Gymternet Clan.

46 National Championships in series

Dave Copeland. Canada.

c/o Rusty Pierce
c/o Rusty Pierce

Hardy Fink on the right has attended more Worlds & Olympics than any other FIG judge, MAG or WAG. But he did miss a few Canadian Nationals. 🙂

Both men represent the dedication and commitment of our officials. Certainly they don’t do it for the money nor the praise.

c/o Kelly Thompson
Canadian Nationals judges 2016 c/o Kelly Thompson

Katarzyna Jurkowska – Gainer 2/1

Though Beam Gainer dismounts are devalued next Code, I believe we’ll see more in future.

Personally I like them. As as coach I like that you don’t have to spend much time warming them up at the meet.

And I love this new variation. 🙂

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Gymnastics – 3D laser sensors?

This looks interesting.

2016 The Japan Gymnastics Association, Fujitsu Limited, and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced an agreement to conduct joint research on scoring support technology for gymnastics competitions. This research will combine Fujitsu Laboratories’ 3D laser sensors and 3D data processing technology–to discern athlete’s joint position and technique–with the Japan Gymnastics Association’s expertise in recognizing proper gymnastics techniques. …



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new – MyGymJudge and VEEP!

Precision Choreography is launching a new division called PRECISION CRITIQUES:

1) VEEP! (Video Evaluation by Elite Professionals)

2) MyGymJudge

Nicole Langevin
Nicole Langevin

VEEP! allows gymnasts and coaches to submit videos of skills-in-progress and receive custom video feedback by some of the best in the world. VEEP! consultants include World Vault and Floor Champion, Alicia Sacramone (Quinn), Hollie Vise (Naddour), Betty Okino, among others.

MyGymJudge provides athletes with the opportunity to submit full routines for written feedback from actual USAG judges. As an added bonus, Precision’s choreography team also chimes in with pointers on increasing artistry for all submitted beam and floor routines.

Subscribe via PrecisionCritiques.com to get details on VEEP! and MyGymJudge.

Questions? Contact Nicole Langevin nicole (a) precisionchoreo.com