Dipa wins Vault

A National hero to 1.3 billion people back home. 🙂

1 KARMAKAR Dipa IND 14.833
2 CHUSOVITINA Oksana UZB 14.716
3 LITTLE Emily AUS 14.383

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Dipa’s Handspring double front was better than in the prelims. Definitely not a zero vault.

Under current FIG rules I’d say the ranking of the top 3 was fair. WTC did not address how to more severely evaluate dangerous deep landings. They should. There is too much incentive to “chuck” the Prudnova.

That said, Dipa is great on this apparatus. Her 2nd Kasamatsu (like Tsuk double twist) was one of the best vaults at Test Meet.

Dipa will inspire many tens of thousands of kids to try the sport.

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NCAA Vault Champions 2016

1. Brandie Jay (Georgia) 9.9500
1. Katie Bailey (Alabama) 9.9500
3. Ashleigh Gnat (LSU) 9.9250
3. Hollie Blanske (Nebraska) 9.9250

Click PLAY or watch Brandie Jay on YouTube. BOOM!

Click PLAY or watch Katie’s Yurchenko half on YouTube. 🙂

Clearly the NCAA must clarify start scores on Yurchenkos with half twist.

Pommels – Max v Louis

Click PLAY or watch Max on YouTube. (7.4 difficulty)

Click PLAY or watch Louis on YouTube. (7.2 difficulty)

Tough call for the judges. In the end it was 16.325 for Max and 16.100 for Louis. Both scores a little too high, in my opinion. Neither hit their best set. But as for ranking, I can’t decide.

Louis later complained about the judging in social media. Then apologized.

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judging Artistry is impossible

That’s my opinion.

Therefore Artistry should not be part of ranking gymnasts in any Code of Points.

Science of Gymnastics Journal 2014:

Due to its nature and relatively poor definitions in the Code of points, judging of artistry may suffer from serious flaws in reliability and validity.

We have used the balance beam artistry evaluation forms given by 5 execution judges at World Championship in Tokyo 2011 to analyze reliability and validity. Data on 194 competitors was gathered.

Deductions were received by a highly variable number of competitors from separate judges in the same components of artistry. The variability of average total artistry deduction was relatively large …

We conclude that neither reliability nor validity of artistry judging was satisfactory in this analysis. …


We can evaluate Execution and Difficulty in reliable ways. And come up with a score that would be consistent meet to meet, panel to panel.

Artistry could be rewarded by a separate (subjective) panel. Something like the Longines Elegance Award, but with a much better panel of evaluators.

Give this guy an award. 😊

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - Photo by Andrew Eccles
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater – Photo by Andrew Eccles

Ebee Price – 10.0 Bars

That’s the score EVERYONE gave (including Greg Marsden) … aside from the judges.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… In scoring news, it’s March. That’s all you need to know. The judges felt like they had permission to start throwing out the 10s like candy again, to least to everyone who isn’t named Elizabeth Price. …

… the craziest scores weren’t the 10s but unjustified 9.925s and 9.950s that pushed the totals up and made the 10s almost necessary. …

Balance Beam Situation

Many feel Ebee is the girl to beat in the AA at Championships 2016.